Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Case for the National Identity Card!

One word............ACORN!!!!!!!!!!

If there ever was a time to take a serious look at
the necessity for a National Identity Card, THIS
is it. How this country ever allowed these shenanigans
to go this far, is unfathomable.

What is the problem with Americans knowing exactly
who their neighbors are?
Only the far left wacko
organizations such as the UCLU (UN-AMERICAN
Civil Liberties Union) has an objection
, together with
illegal aliens, drug lords, felons, and others who for
whatever reason, don’t want their identities known.

Most of the country FAVORS the ID card. It would
have your name, photo, and either finger-print or retina
scan on it. It would be impossible to fraudulently duplicate
or alter it without detection.

I guess that is what the whining liberals don’t like about it. It would certainly put a rapid end to voter fraud worries......... but then, how would they steal elections?

The far left attempted to steal the 2000 election, first by
demanding recount after recount, and then claiming “fraud”, because they didn't get the results they wanted.
Again in 2004 we saw the same lame attempts and claims, only to have Divine intervention provide a landslide victory for President Bush.

Had we had the card in 2006, I truly wonder if the Democrats would today have such a strangle hold on the Congress. I don’t trust the far left liberals, and I certainly don’t trust ACORN............... an obnoxious organization, backed by
Barack Obama, taught by him, defended by him, and
as it appears, to the tune of $800,000, FINANCED by him.

Why all the tender loving care? Did he actually BUY registrations
from them? Only my theory, but it should be investigated.

With a Democratically controlled Congress..... FAT CHANCE!

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