Friday, October 24, 2008

The Colin Powell Litmus Test

Colin Powell on Meet the Press
"I would have difficulty with two more conservative appointments to the Supreme Court, but that's what we'd be looking at in a McCain administration."—Colin Powell

With Conservatives like Colin Powell who needs Liberals? Colin Powell opened his mouth and removed all doubt in his interview with Tom Brokaw. Powell says he assessed the both the Moderate to Liberal John McCain’s campaign remember Conservatives were dismayed that Sen. McCain won the Republican nomination on Sunday’s Meet the Press with Tom Brokaw. McCain only had tepid support from Conservatives until Sen. McCain selection Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate. (see transcript)

Powell said he also assessed the Ultra Liberal Barack Obama’s campaign and based on his assessments he is endorsing Sen. Barack Obama for President. (see story)

Humm... I think we should all take a closer look at Colin Powell’s reasoning. Mr. Powell is supposed to be a Republican that generally denotes a Conservative but lately not so much! Conservatism and the Republican Party stands for certain unmistakable principles and philosophies. So let’s assess Mr. Powell’s Conservative reasons why he’s supporting the ultra Liberal Barack Obama. Let see if Mr. Powell truly supports Conservatism and the Republican Party.

Powell said that the number one concern is the economy. Now interesting enough it was the failed policies of the Carter and Clinton administrations that created the laws with which Banks where force to make loans to unqualified buyers.

In addition it was two quasi-government agencies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac with the aid and support of Democrats including Barack Obama that cause the international economic crisis. This information is well known and well documented Democrats including Barack Obama caused the meltdown of global markets and Powell supports that?

Number two the President is going to have to make decisions quickly as to how to deal with Iraq and Afghanistan. Democrats give the President the authority to wage war in Iraq and then claimed that they didn’t know what they where doing, that they were fooled.

Barack Obama said we should have never gone into Iraq only Afghanistan. Also Democrats and Barack Obama said the Iraqi war was lost and the surge would not work.

However we did go into Afghanistan first defeated the Taliban there before we turned our sights on Iraq. Under the leadership of President Bush in spite all of the political nay saying and the undermining from Democrats including Barack Obama we have won in Iraq.

Democrats were wrong! They were wrong about the surge and they were wrong to wage a partisan war on a President while he was attempting to protect America from its enemies. And Powell supports that?

Number three the President is going to have to reach out to the world Why? I’m not sure Colin Powell understands it but two things are happening: Half of the world has latch on to the economic tit of the United States and is attempting to suck us dry with the help of American Corporations. The other half of the world is attempting to destroy the entire Western economic model.

Either way the plan is to supplant America as the economic super power of the world. What is needed now is a President who is someone that will put America first.

Someone who will stop American Corporation from selling out America for the bottom line and someone who will strengthen America from the inside out and not attempt to give away America’s tax money by spreading Americans wealth around overseas to end world poverty. All foreign aid and moneys going to countries that do not respect America must stop until America is respected and we get back on our feet. John McCain says that he will put America first.

Number four the President is going to have to talk to our enemies President Clinton talked to North Korea, had this whole carrot and stick approach going and negotiated a non nuclear agreement with them. And right under the Clinton administrations noises the North Koreans obtained nuclear weapons.

Now that’s not to say that a President John McCain won’t talk to our enemies but he has the experience that a Barack Obama doesn’t have in dealing with world leaders. Barack Obama has that field trip that he took this summer when he stopped over in Germany, the Middle East and Europe for a week.

Number Five the President is going to have to convey a new Leadership and a new image of America Leadership is something that one earns and a President a campaign does not make. John McCain Graduated from Annapolis, Lead men in our Armed Forces, has been a Leader in the Senate for over 20 years. And Senator Obama…has lead his campaign.

And who says we need a new image anyways?

Number six the President is going to have to be a steadying influence for the American people in the coming crisis What crisis? If there is a coming crisis we’ve seen the cut and run courage of the Democrat Party no thank you! If there is a coming crisis Joe Biden and Colin Powell we need John McCain and the Republican Party at the helm.

Number seven the President is going to have to focus on education I understand that unrepentant terrorist and friend and neighbor of Sen. Obama, William Ayers is focusing on education. As I understand it he's teaching many of the radical anti-American principles that he believes to the people who will be teaching our children. Maybe an Obama administration would fund that or better yet make Mr. Ayers Secretary of Education.

Number eight the President is going to have to show leadership in energy, global warming and the environment Read the paper Mr. Powell there is no global warming! Wouldn’t it be nice to have a leader who would just say that? And let’s drill for oil in American as we work on alternative fuels. Sen. McCain is for drill what about your man?

Number nine the President is going to have to show leadership in respect to poverty alleviation and helping the needy people of the world. Well Mr. Powell Barack Obama is already in collusion with the United Nations to siphon off U.S. tax payers moneys with a global tax created to bring economic parity in the world. In 2007 the only bill that Senator Obama sponsored in his entire career in the Senate S.2433. That bill could be sign by him if he were elected President and he could use it to redistribute America’s taxpayers wealth to the world.

Number ten the President can’t be apart of a Political Party that is moving to the right I’m a Conservative Mr. Powell and I know for a fact that the Republican Party is not moving to the right. The nomination of John McCain should be evidence enough of that. It’s your own movement further to the left that you are mistaking as movement of the Republican Party.

Number eleven the President has to pass a test of experience, judgment confidence that one would be a good president Okay Obama has run a what, 6 month campaign for President and given that he has no other experience to talk about, you base your assessment particularly on the last two weeks as you said, and Obama is passed your test? Boy talk about low expectations!

Number twelve the President or his Party’s approach can not be narrow If by not being narrow you mean all of the foreign internet money that Sen. Obama is illegally receiving into his campaign. If you mean the endorsements from Hamas and other American hating terrorist groups then you’re right Sen. Obama campaign is wide open.

Number Thirteen the President cannot appoint Conservatives to the Supreme Court This is the one thing that invalidates you Mr. Powell as someone who is a Conservative or a Republican. If you are concerned that the Supreme Court of the United States could be a Conservative leaning Court after decades of Liberal leaning decisions you are no Conservative sir and further you are no Republican.

Number Fourteen the President cannot select a running mate that is not connected with the old boys network in Washington D.C. the President must select someone who is totally incompetent but totally connected to the same old insider politics of D.C.
I caught your slight of Gov. Palin Mr. Powell. Its true Gov. Palin isn’t apart of the Washington elite and her experience isn’t the same as those who have absolutely messed this country up. If you haven’t noticed Congress has the lowest approval rating in history Mr. Powell, Joe Biden, and Barack Obama are apart of that.

At least Sen. McCain is offering real change in Gov. Palin and not the recycled change that Sen. Obama is offering with a washed up old insider like Sen. Biden. With Obama and Biden we will get the some old failed policies of the inbred Washington elite. America doesn’t what that! We’ve seen what Democrats will do when put in leadership of the Congress and it ain’t pretty!

Number Fourteen the President can not rise questions about an opponent’s character because that’s inappropriate unless of course the person in question is President Bush. Oh, please Mr. Powell President Bush has been hammered by Liberals and Democrats for eight solid years and never once did you come to his defense!

Number sixteen the President must be able to inspire, be incisive, and speak with highfalutin rhetoric That certainly wraps up all of the credentials of your pick Mr. Powell

Number seventeen the President must be a transformational figure. Ronald Reagan was one. But how could anyone be compared to Reagan before they get the job? That’s like comparing a Pop Warner Quarterback to John Elway a Hall of Famer.

Number eighteen the President must not be old school but must be down with the new generation So why don’t we elect Ludicris or Paris Hilton oh yeah Barack Obama is kinda like Ludicris and Paris Hilton combined the first Black Pop-culture President, Yea BoooY!

Mr. Powell this interview says more about you than it does about McCain or Obama. I’m afraid I won’t be basing my choice on the musings of a washed up old RINO who picked race over country even though you deny it.

What anyone would have to know about you Mr. Powell is contained in the eighteen points that I’ve extracted out of your Litmus test, your reasons why you endorse Sen. Barack Obama and Mr. Powell you are no Republican.

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  1. I would never besmirch the species mephitis mephitis by associating them with Powell!

  2. You are so funny. But Powell gives even that a bad name!

  3. Anonymous2:51 PM

    When Small Men cast Giant Shadows, that is when the Sun sets.

    Shen Small Men no longer cast Giant Shadows, that is when there is a New Dawn.

    Pray that the Night Passes Quickly!!!