Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Are you Standing like Sen. Obama or like Gov. Richadson, Sen. Clinton and unknown pictured person

No you don’t! According to Judge R. Barclay Surrick no American citizen does. As reported by Jeff Schreiber of the American’s Right blog, in an order and memorandum that came down at approximately 6:15 p.m. on last Friday regard civil case No. 08-cv-04083, Philip Berg's lawsuit challenging Illinois Sen. Barack Obama's constitutional eligibility to serve as president of the United States, was dismissed by the Hon. R. Barclay Surrick on grounds that the Philadelphia attorney and former Deputy Attorney General for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania lacked standing.

The Judge simply found that Mr. Berg or any citizen for that matter did not have the right to ask a potential employee, a candidate for president of the United States, for documentation such as a drivers license or in this case a birth certificate to show that your potential employee is qualified for the job. Only a Democrat controlled Congress has that right according to Judge Surrick’s ruling.

According to Mr. Schreiber, ‘the question running to the heart of the standing doctrine is whether or not the plaintiff indeed has a personal stake in the outcome of the… matter being adjudicated.’
[A] plaintiff wishing to have standing to sue must show (1) a particularized injury-in-fact, (2) evidence showing that that the party being sued actually caused the plaintiff’s particularized injury-in-fact, and (3) that adjudication of the matter would actually provide redress.-- Jeff Schreiber, American’s Right
So it comes down to this, Barack Obama is demanding that you employ him yet he has refused to comply with your qualifications for the job. You ask him to produce documentation but you discover that all his documentation is under protective seal, his college records and his birth certificate, you must just take him at his word that he is eminently qualified… Are you going to hire him?
When it came to Philip Berg’s personal stake in the matter at hand, Surrick compared his action with those of Fred Hollander—the man who, earlier this year, sued Sen. John McCain in New Hampshire on grounds that, born in the Panama Canal Zone, he was not a natural born citizen—and held that Berg’s stake “is no greater and his status no more differentiated than that of millions of other voters.”

The harm cited by Berg, Surrick wrote, “is too vague and its effects too attenuated to confer standing on any and all voters.”
—Jeff Schreiber

Then you find out that Sen. McCain had a similar suit against him, Hollander v. McCain, which Judge Surrick made reference to in his decision of which was like this case dismiss but unlike this case Sen. McCain did in fact produce his original birth certificate.
Let’s review the facts reported by the Post:
1. Sen. McCain wrote in his autobiography that he was born in the Panama Canal.
2. A citizen filed suit in Federal Court, and asked to see Sen. McCain’s birth certificate.
3. Citing a procedural error, the Dept. of Homeland Security refused to provide it.
4. But John McCain’s campaign volunteered to show a hard copy to a reporter anyway, and that document named the hospital where McCain was born.
5. There is also a newspaper clipping confirming his birth.
6. Roberta McCain, the Senator’s 96-year-old-mother, provided further verification when she told a story about giving birth to her son.
Now let’s look at the facts of Barack Obama’s situation (as I understand them):
1. Sen. Obama wrote in his memoir that he was born in Hawaii (or did he go that far?).
2. Thousands if not millions of citizens have asked to see Sen. Obama’s birth certificate. None of those people to my knowledge have yet filed a lawsuit.
3. Sen. Obama dodged the request for months…
10. Sen. Obama has yet to show a hard copy of his birth certificate (not even the short COLB form) to a reporter.
11. No newspaper clippings have been produced verifying Sen. Obama’s birth.
12. Although the Senator’s mother is no longer living, his maternal grandmother (in her 80s) is alive and lucid by all accounts; yet she has been made “unavailable” by the Senator’s campaign.
13. Questions remain unanswered about the authenticity of Sen. Obama’s birth certificate and thus the facts related to his birth.—(excerpt)
texasdarlin blog
Yet this issue remains unresolved just days away from the Presidential elections but it is not over by any means. At least nine other lawsuits state and federal have been filed asking State Secretaries of State to enforce verification that Sen. Obama is eligible to be placed on their State ballot by confirming that he is “natural born,” a United States citizen by birth and does meet the Constitutional requirements to be President of the United States. (see story)and (here)
A lawsuit in Honolulu in the First District Court is seeking a court-order to open Obama’s secret birth records.

Obama has thus far neglected a Freedom of Information request for the records at two hospitals in Hawaii.

Lawsuits in Washington and Georgia are seeking state Superior Courts to force the states’ Secretary of State, as the chief state elections officer, to perform their state constitutional duties to require original certifying birth records from Mr. Obama that would verify his birth in Hawaii.

The latest suits have been filed in state and federal courts in Hawaii, Washington, California, Florida, Georgia, New York, and Connecticut to compel Obama to release his birth records.

Lawsuits in Washington and Georgia are seeking state superior courts to force the states’ secretary of state, as the chief state elections officer, to require Obama to produce original birth records from Hawaii, or else decertify him as a candidate for the presidency.
This is an example of vaulted copy of a Hawaii Certificate of Live Birth about the time Senate Obama would have been born. (example)

This is a copy of a birth certificate which Sen. Obama posted on his fight the smears blog. (Obama’s post)

Not the same are they?

The people of the United States whom Sen. Obama is asking to employ him are asking for the original vaulted copy of Sen. Obama’s birth certificate to make a determination if Sen. Obama is qualified for the job which he is interviewing for.

If Sen. Obama cares to be employed by American November 4, 2008 our requirement is that he has all of this documentation in to us by November 3rd or we will have to hire someone who has complied with all of our requirements.

And yes we did have the Standing to do this! (petition Congress)


  1. Anonymous6:50 AM

    What makes you think Obama isn't being patriotic? Can't you see how his hands are moving to hoist a flag up the flagpole? I dare say that he's climbing the flagpole to make sure the flag is on top.

  2. The shame of it is that the stance of Obama speaks to the psychological and the ideological make-up of the potential next President of the United States.

    If he has this type of internal resistance to respecting the symbols and the traditions of America, what will he do if the American people are foolish enough to vote him into office?

    I dare say, your attempt at levity aside, Obama is sending a message to America and we all should understand that this is directly tied to his anti-American training and relationships, i.e. William Ayers and Frank Marshall Davis, a known anachrist and a known communist.

    Therefore Obama can not force himself to put his hand over his heart in honor of America.

    And American people are going to vote for him?

  3. Anonymous8:58 AM

    It is true that I was trying to amuse you in a macabre and somewhat adult sort of way. Are you telling me that I failed to amuse you?

  4. I was hoping for responses that are more to the point. We've go 7 days until this apparent America hating radical is inaugurated the American people must get serious about this, that's all.

  5. Anonymous11:32 AM

    Unless McCain suddenly learns how to walk on water, we're in for at least two miserable years. Humor is the release valve.

    The Liberals and Freeloaders, in the name of Social Justice, are about to cause some really bad Unemployment, with a little extra famine thrown in for good measure. They, in Stalinesque fashion, will be looking for goats to blame. We must preempt this and redivert their rage vith HUMOR.

    What happens when you slay the Geese that lay Golden Eggs to feed the Lazy that would have otherwise been employed to tend them? The same thing that happens when you slay small businesses with taxes to subsudize Welfare.