Friday, October 31, 2008

Heil Barack!!!!!!

Much like Hitler, sensing victory in the air,
the Obama campaign has started revealing it's
"new order".

Heil!!!!.......... from this day forward, we
have the right to prevent any First Amendment
rights from being exercised! And if you don't
like it,........... TOUGH!

First, Biden didn't like a tough question from
a TV reporter, so she and her station were banned
from any further interviews or from following the

TODAY........ we hear that the New York Post, The Washington Post, and The Dallas Herald, HAVE BEEN
from the Obama campaign airplane. Ostensibly
to make room for "other" media.
Just so happens that
"other" media is quite a bit more friendly to Obama,
"incidentally, did you know that most of them are
Who said this campaign wasn't all about race?

This my friends is the pre-cursor to what we can expect
from an Obama presidency
. He is just too impatient to
even wait for the final outcome. He has not only
measured the Oval Office for new drapes, he has already
started dictating "our rights" as he sees them under his
socialist agenda.

Animal farm, move over......... the pigs are comin' to town!


  1. The Marxist, socialist Pigs!!!

  2. Anonymous4:08 AM

    Will the Press continue to grab their ankles and keep on kissing, or will they actually stand up for theirselves and whip up some backlash?

    The way things are going, if the Republicans can retain 41+ Senate Seats, Liberty can be kept reasonably intact for the next two years via fillabuster.

    John McCain has undermined us by firstly being the first to sell out whenever the Democrats want to take away another Constitutional Freedom, and secondly by being the weak pusillanimous Presidential Candidate that he is, as if he were actually chosen by the Democrats to be the Fall Guy.

    When Obama raises taxes during a Recession, like Herbert Hoover did, he'll get the same result. That is why those 41+ GOP Senators are going to be important, to form a Cadre of sound Economic Policy and Conservatism. A Tax Bill can't be held up forever, but getting a few sound bites of Republican Senators warning about Obamanomics will be quite the antidote for 2010. 2010 can be like a second 1994 Contract with America, complete with backlash against an Obama Depression.

    Meanwhile, keep up the Good Work, Obama, as you alienate the Press. John Benedict Arnold McCain may have thrown the Election to you, but don't think that it makes you an absolute dictator.