Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The Obama Age of Political low Expectations

Sens. McCain and Obama

Since Jim Crow many minorities have gotten by because of allowances made for them. So is the case with Democrat’s presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama.

With questions about Gov. Sarah Palin’s experience and ability coming to the fore front, questions with regards to her abilities to lead this nation, it is time that those same questions be pointed back at the Democrat nominee for President, Barack Obama.

The fact of the matter is that Gov. Palin has more executive experience than Sen. Obama. Therefore any questions doubting Gov. Palin’s abilities go directly to Sen. Obama’s readiness to lead as well.

Yet Democrat partisans don’t care to see it that way, so they set the Commander in Chief bar high for Gov. Palin while actually lowering the standard for Sen. Obama.

In last Friday night’s Presidential debate it was clear that one man was a fake, a phony and a poser the other man was the genuine article a diamond, he was forge under the pressure of experience having walked the walk in his service to our Country and his over 20 years service in the Congress, Senator McCain has not simply talking the talk he has walked the walk. (see transcript)

Still, many in the Media have proclaim Barack Obama the winner in last Friday’s Presidential debates because… well gee he just looked and sounded presidential.

That and Obama was able to speak about the Middle East with what seemed like knowledgeable insight.

These are the low expectations that Democrats have for Sen. Obama who Democrat Hillary Clinton supporter Harriet Christian referred to as an inadequate Black male.

What’s also surprising are what low expectations that those in the media and on the Democrat side have for the Command in Chief. If you believe liberal leaning media because Sen. Obama was prepare by Cliffs Notes for this debate he as somehow passed the “Commander-in-Chief Test”! (see story)

Look, just because Sen. Obama got a few of his study buddies together to cram for Friday nights debate does not mean that he is qualified to be Commander in Chief what it means is that he was well prepared to debate the issues.

But as all of us know information that is crammed in this fashion is not really ours to retain and though Obama gave an impressive showing it remains to be seen that he actually knows what he is talking about.

After all parroting information is something a law professor could do and that is what Sen. Obama performance amounted to. But actually applying said information in a court of law as an Attorney, or Presidential debate information as the President of the United State for that matter, is entirely a different thing.

Sen. Obama used the same old Blame Bush tactics that Democrats have employed for the last 8 years. Frankly the only people impress with these types of tactics are partisan Democrats.

This election has been all but given to Democrats by the media for at least 8 years so it’s not surprising that they called this debate for Obama.

But not everyone did! Rodger Simon writing for Politico saw Friday night’s debate as an all out McCain win! (see story)

David S. Broder, Washington Post says Sen. McCain clearly as the Alpha Male on the stage and in the debate where Sen. Obama had to acquiesce no fewer than 6 times to Sen. McCain’s expertise by saying I agree with Sen. McCain or Sen. McCain is absolutely right. (see story)

As Sen. McCain demonstrated there was only one candidate in this presidential election that is fit to be President, as Sen. Hillary Clinton pointed out Sen. McCain has all ready passed the Commander in Chief test, and that other candidate well he gives good speeches as long as he’s connected to a teleprompter.

Undoubtedly, Sen. McCain’s own personal knowledge and command of the facts were so vastly superior to Sen. Obama’s flash card memorized information that Sen. McCain could do two things at one time. McCain could fly to Washington to assist in the greatest finance crisis of our time and then fly down to Mississippi to debate with Obama with very little time to prepare himself.

However because Democrats have lowered their expectation as to what the experience and qualifications of the Democrat leader of the free world should be they have settled on a political neophyte with what amounts to 143 working days in Congress no executive experience, no military experience and presented this person who is lacking in expertise because he came across as a good speaker in the 2004 Democrat Convention and now gives the impression as somewhat knowledgeable in a 2008 Presidential debate and based on that, they say he has passed the Command in Chief test?

Oh Please!


  1. Anonymous6:13 AM

    RCP's news is getting grimmer and grimmer. Even without the tossup states, Obama has 249 Electoral Votes.

    It's time for John McCain to roll over and play alive!

  2. Yes the news is getting grimmer but that's to be expected because that's by design.

    Partisan Media is for Obama so natural their polls and reporting will attempt to encourage Obama supporters while discouraging McCain supporters.

    You will not get an accurate poll until election night because they switch from attempting to persuade to actually reporting results.

    In 2000 and 2004 when saw how polls were wrong and Gore and Kerry supporters were devastated.

    I think the same will happen here.

  3. Anonymous7:59 AM

    Even Fox criticizes McCain's Dormancy.

    Mcain is but a grey-haired Tom Dewey without the moustache.

  4. There is no doubt McCain refuses to fight.

    The reason that he got a bounce after selecting Palin was because Conservatives thought that McCain was signaling that he was ready to fight.

    If he doesn't get it he will lose