Thursday, November 06, 2008

ABC Still Not Satisfied!

I can't believe that ABC NEWS is still putting out 'hit pieces' on Sarah Palin. They must really be worried that she is going to mount a major comeback in 2012, and figure that they can derail that possibility now.

What purpose does it serve to have a supposedly
respected "News Channel" air a segment based on "rumored
accusations by unnamed sources"
and call it news? But that has been the recent history of ABC, so who's surprised?

This just goes to FOX NEWS' Sean Hannity's accusation
that "journalism died in 2008"
. Why don't they spend
the airtime concentrating on the facts that Obama is
already in the process of "letting the public down easy",

by revising his many, unrealistic promises, down to reasonable
levels. But you won't see that from ABC..... it's too difficult to expose fraud, when that fraud was originally perpetrated by themselves.

1 comment:

  1. The MSM isn't satisfied with using all of their resources to ensure the "messiah" was elected.

    I hope Sarah Palin does get even with the cowardly creeps that are out to smear her.