Friday, November 14, 2008


Photo by Bash Back of its own members, who disrupted a Michigan church service by flinging condoms around the sanctuary

Worshippers at a Bible-teaching church in Lansing, Mich., were stunned Sunday when members of a pro-homosexual, pro-anarchy organization named Bash Back interrupted their service to fling propaganda and condoms around the sanctuary, drape a profane banner from the balcony and feature two lesbians making out at the pulpit.—Bob Unruh

No longer just satisfied with using phony civil rights arguments before homo-sympathetic judges before this nation’s courts, radical homosexual anarchist have decided to win the hearts and minds of America’s youth by storming churches and freeing the youth from what homosexuals consider repressive biblical teachings that conflict with modern day ideology about sexuality and freedoms. All of this in the name of equal rights while totally disregarding the Church’s constitutional guaranteed freedom of religion. (see story) and (here)

An anarchist Gay-Qaeda group by the name of “Bash Back” attacked a Lansing Michigan church, the Mount Hope Church, outside and inside of the church last Friday in a coordinated attack meant to strike fear in the Christian community because the church teaches biblical faith principles regarding homosexuality.

Bash Back views Christian doctrinal teaching regarding homosexuality in direct opposition of the homosexual agenda and detrimental to the movements use of this nations courts to legitimize homosexuality.

What should have been a national story was hardly reported locally by homosexual allies in the media as found by Jason Goldtrap, who a novelist himself, thought it peculiar that very little media coverage existed. (see video)

However posted below is an interview of a person who is identified only as Andy who is speaking as a representative of Bash Back. This interview was taken by Todd Heywood and is very revealing concerning Bash Back’s intentions particularly and the homosexual agenda in general. When asked why Bash Back violated the church Andy's claim was that they did it to de-brainwash the youth.

Click the play button below to hear an interview with Andy from Bash Back! done by Todd Heywood.

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Also this link is to one of the flyers that were distributed inside the church alone with condoms. (see flyer)

What should became clear to anyone with traditional values is that Gay-Qaeda has declared war by means of the courts, attacks through media and now direct attacks against religion.

The Homosexual left is emboldened with every court decision found in their favor and this issue will never be over until their attacks are met with equal strength and defeated by truth.

Are you willing to do for the truth what homosexuals are willing to do for a lie?

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  1. Anonymous6:17 AM

    That Circle-A on the Gay Flag tells plenty. Google Circle-A and tell me what you found. Here's what I found: .

    When you see the Black & Pink Star, they will have come out of the closet.