Monday, November 24, 2008

I want Barack Obama to fail

There I say it, and I understand that Liberal shills who call themselves Progressives now, are attempting to frame all conversation to make one a bigot, or a non-patriot or a naked Partisan if one makes such a declaration but in the words of a great pioneer of women’s suffrage and the one woman that was solely responsible for the 18 Million Cracks in the Glass Ceiling:
"I'm sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and disagree with this administration, somehow you're not patriotic. We need to stand up and say we're Americans, and we have the right to debate and disagree with any administration."—Sen. Hillary Clinton
Thank you Hillary I knew that you would understand why I want Barack Obama to fail, after all you and your fellow Democrats did so much to ensure that the Bush administration seems to be an failed administration at the end of eight years of the partisan warfare which you Liberals waged against a sitting President his political Party and the people of the United States.

But alas I’m not wishing Obama’s failure simply so that the Republicans can have power…no my wish is based on the opinion that everything that a Barack Obama presidency represents is wrong for America. The whole world is leaning toward conservatism while conversely American’s selection of Liberals and super Liberal Obama constitutes a step backwards from the world’s new found progress.

Yes I know, I know RINOs and Stockholm Syndrome Republicans alike are calling for Conservatives to give president elect Obama a chance hoping that he governs from the middle, they postulate that somehow maybe it won’t be so bad to lurch into Socialism and Democrat liberal Fascism. They are wrong!

Democrats including Sen. Obama have virtually broken down the American political and social system in order to achieve power. They have done this with an unflagging hardcore political partisanship that would rather see this country destroyed rather than be lead by Republicans.

This Democrat political treachery has left America exposed to an Uber-Liberal internal radical coup as well as an external threat against American sovereignty and power.

These are the changes that a Barack Obama presidency brings to America and these changes are nothing that the American people could have ever anticipated and nothing that the American people ever wanted. Yet through eight years of talking down the United States and its Government Liberals have succeeded in convinced the American people that a road to socialism is better than the democratic constitutional republic that is presently America’s government.

I want Barack Obama to fail because the policies and philosophy of the Democrat Party and Sen. Obama’s will bring great harm to our nation, here’s why:

Sen. Obama managed to get elected to the Presidency even though in 2004 he stated that he thought himself unqualified for the job.

Sen. Obama managed to get elected to the Presidency with his birth certificate, medical records, and college papers under lock and key so Americans really don’t know a lot about the man who is due to be inaugurated January 20, 2009.

Sen. Obama managed to use the internet to receive unaccountable multiple millions of dollars from sources all around the world to defeat his opponents. Obama virtually bought this election and it is my suspicion that he used foreign money to do it.

If this is true this is the first election that foreign interest over the American peoples interest played such a crucial role in electing America ’s President.

Sen. Obama managed to get elected to the Presidency using ACORN and corrupted Chicago style politics to virtually corrupt America ’s entire electoral process.

Sen. Obama, oh excuse me, that’s right he did resign his Senate seat last Sunday, President elect Obama’s life long friends, assocites, mentors, and colleagues have been Radicals, Terrorist, Communist, and Anarchists and wouldn’t you know it, these groups all want to fundamentally change America too! What a coincidence.

President elect Obama has an apparent lack of respect for the constitution, the founding fathers, and the traditions that have made this country exceptional. President elect Obama feels that the Founders and the constitution which they wrote has blind spots.

So it will be interesting to see a man who has devoted his entire adult life and political career attempting to destroy the constitution swear with his hand on a bible that he will protect and defend a document that (according to Obama) is fundamentally flawed.

Finally I want Barack Obama to fail because he and his fellow Liberal Democrats have created an Orwellian worldview by using Machavellian tactics. This is a politic that words don’t mean what one thinks they mean. Old definations are cast aside and new definations for words like marriage, freedom, and rights mean something totally different to Liberals than to some of the people who voted them into power. That is the fundamental change that we will be seeing in the next four years, a sea change of redefining America and patriotism and American life as we have known it.

Americans will sooner or later discover that not all change is good! The change that Obama promises is not good change for America that is why he must fail.

To that end I wrote An Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity, Do Unto Others as you would have them Do unto you Blessing for Barack Obama:

May Barack Obama have the same support from the American people as did President George W. Bush

May Barack Obama have the same support from Congress as did President Bush

May Barack Obama have the same success uniting the Country; politically and socially as did President Bush

May Barack Obama have the same media coverage as President Bush

May Barack Obama have the same Party loyality from the Republicans as President Bush received from the Democrats

May Barack Obama’s administration be treated the same as both of President Bush’s first term and second term administrations

May Barack Obama’s administration received the same challenges; political, natural disaters and national security threats as the Bush administration and when facing them may he receive the same unquestioning backing from Congress, the media and the America people as did President Bush

May Barack Obama receive the same respect from around the world when his administration makes tough decisions that affect world events as did President Bush

May Barack Obama share the same quiet and noble dignity when he leaves Office as President Bush who, after eight years of being attacked, derided, ridicuded and demeaned by Partisans in the Democrat Party and Partisans in the Media, received graciously Mr. Obama and his wife into the White house as an symbolic jester of nonviolent transfer of power that has made this country truly exceptional for over 200 years.

Finally after Mr. Obama four years of service to his country may he be as gracious as President Bush when Mr. Obama hands over power to the next Republican President.

May Mr. Obama be so blessed!

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