Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Republicans suffering from Stockholm Syndrome

Sens. Lieberman, McCain and Graham

It’s no secret that the moderate to liberal wing of the Republican Party staged a coup to take over the Party.

It was their idea that if Republicans were more like Democrats and Liberals and less like strict Constructionist and the Religious Right, the Party could became a big tent Party and win even in 2008.

To that end these Stockholm Syndrome Republics, hereafter SSR, put up Sen. John McCain who at the time was running a campaign going nowhere fast. SSR’s theory was that McCain would be able to pull moderates, liberals and third Party Independents into this group of, excuse the pun, Mavericks and he would be able to defeat the Democrats whether it was Sen. Hillary Clinton or Sen. Barack Obama.

Well we all know how that theory turned out.

So after such a dismal failure, one which I predicted, I stated that in a general election Liberals, Moderates and Independents were going to support a Liberal Democrat candidate over a Conservative candidate of any sorts. And I don’t mind saying that I was complete right. In fact some of the SSRs voted for Sen. Obama too. (See Dead Campaign Walking)

I only bring this up because very prominent SSRs are again attempt to influence the direction of the Republican Party. With the same “We’ve got to be more like the Democrats and work with them” mentality that lost control of both houses of Congress in 2006 and lost the Executive Office in 2008.

Here is a note to all of you Stockholm Syndrome Republicans out there, Democrats are your captors they are not your friends. Democrats declared war on your Party in 2000 and have tarnished the image of President Bush with an all out war of politics of personal destruction.

Democrats have waged a war against the war in Iraq attempt to lose that war so that they could win political victories at home. Allow me to make this clear, Democrats were willing to lose in Iraq, to actually hurt America in order to win the 2008 elections.

Democrats have waged political guerrilla warfare in Congress preventing president Bush and the Republican majority from putting forth a Conservative agenda when they were in power and Democrats have completely hindered President Bush from appointing conservative judges at the state and federal levels.

Sen. McCain and Gov. Schwarzenegger

So lets review Democrats have attacked and maimed a sitting President to the point that his whole Party is now vilified. Democrats caused the biggest financial meltdown in recent history by their actions in Congress and were able to pin this financial debacle on the Bush Administration. And Democrats repeatedly attempted to lose the war in Iraq to win political points.

So tell me how in light of such treachery and blood lust for power which Democrats have displayed, even at the expense of losing our county, are Republicans supposed to now join hands with Democrats and sing “Cumbiya my Lord!”

A very prominent Radio talk show host and early supporter of Sen. McCain (notice that I didn’t say Conservative, though he claims that he is) is suggesting that Conservatives give the new President-elect Barack Obama a chance, that maybe Barack will govern from the center and be inclusive of all Americans.

What this poor sufferer of Stockholm Syndrome doesn’t realize is that captors hold all the power and sure they can seem to be gracious and sure you can fall in love with your captors and even fight for their cause but there’s just one small reality.

YOUR VALUES, YOUR CAUSES HAVE BEEN DEFEATED! You are a slave you idiot! You are a puppet vowing to work with an enemy that hates Republicans and everything that they stand for ala Howard Dean. (See Politics of Hate)

Yes I saw the dreadful photo op of John McCain and Barack Obama and I heard that McCain promised to work with the Obama administration. So why should Sen. McCain deviate from the norm? He has always worked with enemy captors in his Senate career where do you think the label Maverick came from?

Democrats won in 2006 and 2008 because they would not relent and they would not give up on their principles, as bad for the country as they are.

For Republicans to now talk about working with Democrats as Democrats implement their socialist agenda for the country is a severe symptom of Stockholm Syndrome and any Republican acting in this way is psychologically compromised and should not be listened too or followed.

That Stockholm Syndrome suffers should be recaptured and deprogrammed immediately before the damage is permanent.

You will be able to tell quite easily which Republicans have not been affected with Stockholm Syndrome. They will be the Republicans who are not talking about giving Barack Obama the chance that Democrats didn’t give President Bush.

Also they will be the ones laying out a clear plan on how to fight the coming socialization of our country until we can reclaim the government back from the Socialist.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, John McCain, Lindsey Graham and others like them are SSRs and should not be listened to at all until they are recaptured and deprogramming is accomplished.

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