Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Why McCain chose to run the McCain't Campaign

Before resting from the grueling presidential race, John McCain began discussing with senior aides what role he will play in the Senate now that he has promised to work with the man who defeated him for president.

Democrats, who padded their majorities in the House and Senate, have a suggestion: McCain can mediate solutions to partisan standoffs on key legislation as he did to help avert a constitutional meltdown over judicial confirmations in 2005.

"There's a need for the old John McCain, a leader who worked in a bipartisan way," Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said Wednesday.
What? The Old John McCain? As you know John McCain has been masquerading for several months now as the Republican nominee for President of the United States of America. And if you are anything like me you’ve been wondering why Sen. McCain would never really pull the trigger, you know go after Barack Obama like he wanted to win the Presidency. (see story)

Sen. Obama had not qualms or reservations about going after Sen. McCain, President Bush or the Republicans!

Well I guess Charles Schumer’s opened arm welcome of McCain back into the Senate fold explains why McCain ran a John McCain’t campaign.

It seems to me that Sen. McCain was hedging his bets, in case that new job thingy didn’t workout for him. Well, you know, he didn’t want to burn any bridges now.

So Sen. McCain ran the most non-offensive campaign ever in campaign history.

Many times Sen. McCain came to his opponent’s defense when the nasty old lady partisans in his Party said that they were afraid of Sen. Obama and that they believed that he was a closet Muslim.

Sen. McCain would have none of that and he quickly spring into action and he rebuked any old lady who would say such a thing. Always assuring everyone that his opponent was a good man, a decent man, a family man, oh and did Sen. McCain fail to mention that his opponent would be the next president? He should have.

But that aside now we see why John McCain would run such a campaign, Sen. McCain wanted Chucky Schumer’s love! ‘Oh came back to us old Johnny boy and do what you’ve always done, be that Maverick that we’ve come to know and love and poke those bad Republicans in the eye. Here’s your old spot back!’

So Democrats want McCain to come back and mediate solutions to partisan standoffs on key legislation like he did to help avert a constitutional meltdown over judicial confirmations in 2005. Wink, wink! And Democrats want John McCain to work in a bipartisan way.

Let’s be totally straight talk express right here, John McCain’s work in the Senate screwed Republicans. We all know that. And “Democrat speak” for bipartisanship is ‘We are in control now and Republicans had better go along with it or we’ll put John McCain back on Meet the Press to explain why the Republicans are out of touch with the American people.’

There I hope that clears up why John McCain ran such a pathetic campaign and why Democrats would welcome him back warmly after what should have been a bitterly fought election.

Hey, didn’t the McCain, Lindsey Graham, Trent Lott, and George Bush wing of the Republican Party tell us that all that we had to do is be more inclusive and less Conservative and we would be able to win? Whatever happened to that theory? And didn’t I say way back in January that Independents and Democrats would not support John McCain in the General election against a Democrat?
Sure McCain won New Hampshire and South Carolina but that was only on the strength of Independent and Democrat votes. Are Independents and Democrats going to support McCain in a contest against an Obama or Hillary candidate for President? One word answer… NO!-- Alaphiah
I’ll tell you what happened to that theory it decimated the Conservative base. The so-called Moderate to Liberal go-along-to get-along wing of the Republican Party put up John McCain and it didn’t work. McCain’s campaign didn’t work.

As I said in January McCain’s campaign was a “Dead Campaign Walking,” his campaign was a pathetic display of ineptitude and self Republican flagellation and the only bright spot was the selection of Sarah Palin who showed that she knew who the enemy was and it wasn’t us Conservatives!

Conservatives must move to reclaim the Republican Party from Stockholm syndrome Republicans such as John McCain and Lindsey Graham(see story)

Run back to Chucky Schumer Johnny like a good little Maverick but don’t expect any adulation from the Party that you threw under the bus because you preferred to be called bipartisan rather than truly fighting for the opportunity to be called the President of the United States of America!

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