Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Good Obama Hunting

Stockholm Syndrome Republicans (SSRs) (Republicans who have been abused and psychologically defeated by their opponents the Democrats, for over twelve years commentating in both the 2006 and 2008 electoral defeats, who are therefore showing signs of loyalty and sympathy to their captors and vanquishers) are now looking, no are now hoping for some sign or signs that Barack Hussein Obama will not be the racial Marxist Socialist that defeated them with his anti-Bush, anti-Conservative and anti-Americanism rhetoric that seemed to resonate with so many American voters November 4, 2008.

These SSRs are demanding that Obama be given a chance as well as supported in enacting his government with hopes that the reality of governing might make the Neo-Marxist see the error of his ways and instead of governing from his base their hopes are that he will freely chose to move away from his base and govern to the center.

They see the so-called bipartisan Cabinet appointments as a sign of Obama's political benevolence. They are wrong.

But why would he? He didn’t need the center to be elected so why would he need them now? Democrats and the far left are so ensconced in their partisanship that nothing is going to make them vote Republican. Absolutely nothing, there is no alternative to Obama and the moves to fill his cabinet, the mainstream media fawning, and the general approval of his every move are all indicative that this country is ready to be taken over by nefarious forces while we all gaze hypnotically at the personification of the 1960’s radical anti-establishment burn baby burn affirmative action baby who will be President and who will radically change America as he has promised.

Or in the language of the 60’s, “Burn the whole “F”ing thing down!” The “F”ing thing in this case is America as based on the traditions of the Founders and its Constitution. Obama intends to Burn America down. Oh he'll refer to his radical plans as fundamental change as not to alarm anyone!

Any Republican who is fooled by Obama’s methodology doesn’t deserve to be listened to or followed in any capacity. Obama's moves are merely tactical. They are meant to assuage your fears as he places a straggle hold on power that will be irreversible.

Obama promised fundamental change of America, that goes to the ideas and the traditions that make this country uniquely exceptional. If Obama keeps his promises look in the coming days for America to become internationalized by treaties signed by the Obama administration which will appear benign and even helpful at first glance but underlying are filled with iniquitous complications that in essence will strip the United States of America of its sovereignty by putting this country under the control of foreign interest, i.e. The World Court, The World Bank, and World Environmental authorities (carbon regulators).

People of the world the world’s last best hope, America has been finally delivered to you now you can show us how humanistic international law is superior to divinely inspired constitutional law.

Losing America will be the ultimate price paid for looking, no for hunting for some good to come out of electing Barack Obama.

Can any good thing come out of Chicago? America you don’t even know what you’ve voted for!

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