Monday, December 22, 2008

Schwarzenegger Next?

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger
If the Electoral College appoints [Barack Obama] as President of The United States of America on December 15, 2008 and Congress ratifies that choice, and it is later proven that he is not a US citizen, then not one single word he utters will be valid as representing this country. –Mark S. McGrew, Pravda
Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to be President of the United States of America we’ve known it for years and who can deny him? The Federal courts, the U.S. Supreme Court, the Electoral College, the Senate? Fact is there is no controlling legal authority that could stop Arnold if he would just go for it!

The only thing that could stop someone like Arnold would be his own personal code of ethics but providing that he didn’t have any then even he an Austrian born naturalized U.S. citizen could just disregard the constitution and became President. (see story)
Talk of amending the Constitution was a hot topic in California and Washington during Schwarzenegger's first couple of years in office--Michael Rothfeld
Isn’t it a coincidence that an associate lawyer in a Chicago-based firm whose partner served on a finance committee for then Sen. Barack Obama has advocated for the elimination of the U.S. Constitution's requirement that a president is be a "natural-born" citizen, calling the requirement "stupid" and asserting it discriminates, is outdated and undemocratic.

The paper was written in 2006 by Sarah Herlihy, just two years after Obama had won a landslide election in Illinois to the U.S. Senate. Herlihy is listed as an associate at the Chicago firm of Kirkland & Ellis. A partner in the same firm, Bruce I. Ettelson, cites his membership on the finance committees for both Obama and Sen. Richard Durbin on the corporate website.(see story) and (see paper)

If there is one thing that President-elect Barack Obama has proven is one shouldn’t allow a little thing like the U.S. constitution stop one from following his or her dream Arnold. Just think of all of the little foreign born boys and girls who are dreaming to one day become President of the United States of America.

According to Mark S. McGrew President elect Barack Obama has successfully ignored a Federal Lawsuit asking him to produce a valid Birth Certificate. When the time to respond to a lawsuit filed by attorney Philip Berg expired, under Federal Court Rules, they all admitted that he was not a citizen of The United States of America and deemed to have committed fraud. A normal man would have been found to have admitted he was not a US citizen but not Obama and so far the Supreme court has allowed the obliteration of the constitution. (see story)

The U.S. Supreme Court has denied 2 request by citizens of this country who were attempting to do the job that American judges and justices won’t do, that is protect and defend the U.S. constitution. The Court is scheduled for a third conference concerning PE Barack Obama’s eligibility, a conference is a meeting at which the justices discuss the merits of a case and whether to accept the case for trial. The Supreme Court is scheduled to consider the case filed by Philip Berg January 9th.

In the meantime the Electoral College met on December 15th and gave PE Obama the constitutional required electoral votes so all that is left is Congressional ratification of the Electoral College vote on January 6th 2009 and the formal inauguration on January 20th and the first other an natural born citizen will be President of the United States of America.

If Arnold really wants to be president Obama has already proved that there is nothing in America that can stop him! No Court, not the Electoral College, not the Congress and neither can the American people stop someone who willingly disregards the blind and flawed founding fathers and the outdated document that they created.

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  1. Let's se if Arnold can steer California past that Chapter Nine that looms over his State.

    Granted, Schwarzenegger is the best that the Kennedy can or will ever be able to offer; however, when you're dying of thirst, you're not particluarly interested in salted potato chips.

    Right now, California is the hot appendix of the United States. As the human body is better off after an appendectomy, a Californectomy might be in order.