Friday, January 16, 2009

Just another Obama Innocent Mistake

Obama and Geithner

In what reality is tax evasion just an "innocent mistake"? Why in the Orwellian world that Democrats and their President-elect Barack Hussein Obama live in. (see story)

The soon to be first constitutionally ineligible foreign born President of the United States of America will be illegitimately sworn into his Orwellian world on Tuesday January 20th, 2009 in only four days. (see story)

And like many of his Party, Barack Hussein Obama believes that he can change reality by simply misstating facts and by defining reality to be what he would have it to be, i.e. as “Enemy fire over Bosnia”, Sen. Hillary Clinton did in her bid to become President. (see previous post)

Which brings me to my point, Secretary of the Treasury-designee Timothy Geithner in an extreme case of negligence failed to pay $42,000 in taxes from 1991-1995. He also employed a housekeeper whose work permit had expired. Either scandal would be a death blow to a Republican nominee by a Republican president.

If either Obama or Geithner had a shred of ethics Geithner’s name would be withdrawn like Obama’s previous scandal riddled Secretary of Commerce-designee Gov. Bill Richardson. (see story)

Yet, in this new era of Obama hope, change and full Democrat control of Government and media, tax evasion is simply reclassified as an innocent mistake for Democrat political elitists who will serve in Obama’s cabinet. In addition, the soon to be President Obama hopes that an "innocent mistake" such as this wouldn't keep his designee from being confirmed as the new administration's top Treasury official.

Let me assure you Mr. Illegitimate President-elect there is not one soul in America that can stop you and your Democrat co conspirators from fundamentally changing America and no one will prevent you from getting what you want.

Perhaps Mr. Obama, you will do the same for cheating on taxes what your Democratic predecessor President Clinton did for the blow job, that is, make it a national pass time!

I can hear the school yard talk even now, “Hey baby you want to help me cheat on my taxes?” “The President let the Secretary of the Treasury do it!”

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  1. Maybe the inhabitants
    of this country need
    to grow a spine and have
    a good old fashioned tax revolt!.

    They couldn't fit all of us
    into the 600+ FEMA detention centers. With zero tax revenue coming in, the two armed, one party system could be forced into
    displaying some ethics for
    a change.