Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Obama’s Borg Politics of Assimilation

From left, the House majority whip, Jim Clyburn; the House majority leader, Steny Hoyer; the House minority leader, John Boehner; House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Barack Obama
In many ways, Obama told the assembled Republicans everything they would want to hear, according to people in the meetings.

Administration officials are hopeful that the goodwill and political capital Obama currently enjoys will win them at least some Republican votes on the bill, expected on the House floor Wednesday, and are launching an all-out lobbying blitz to pick them off.--
Resistance is futile, Republicans will either be assimilated or destroyed as Politico’s Patrick O’Connor and Jonathan Martin’s Boehner to GOP: Vote against stimulus, is indicating. Martin’s and O’Connor’s article is everything you need to know about Liberal politics and how they plan to disassemble Republicans as we go farther into Obama’s mentor Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” brand of politics. (see story)

If you haven’t noticed the unconstitutional usurper president Barack Obama is big on appearances. So he stages a “meeting” with Republicans to show a spirit of bipartisanship and if that doesn’t work well at least HE tried to work bipartisanly with the Republicans. What class!

But it’s all for show, its all smoke and mirrors, its all dog and pony; like everything else that Democrats do. That’s how Liberal Democrats roll people!

Why do I say that?

Obama doesn’t need one single Republican vote on his stimulus package to get it through Congress but he does need to be able to say that Republicans voted for the bill too.

This bill can be passed by straight party line vote all Democrats YES and all Republicans NO and it would still pass the House and the Senate.

Democrats asked voters to increase their numbers so that they’d get their agenda through and voters did that. Democrats have the numbers to do whatever they want so why is the Obama administration launching an all-out lobbying blitz to pick off Republicans?

Appearances! Democrats need to be able to blame someone, if things go awry and yeah there is always Bush but they need a current and actual fall guy like Rush Limbaugh or the Republican Party for that matter. Such is the state of Democrat politics.

Look here’s the bottom line, Republican concerns are that Democrats are using the stimulus package for political advantage and to strength, reward and insulate ACORN and other Democrat foot soldiers for their part in the 2008 Congressional and Presidential victories and for projected victories to come. How do I know? Democrats have tucked away a cool $100 million dollars for ACORN under the Housing Trust Fund right inside the stimulus package. That and other Democrat boondoggles are hidden there while the unconstitutional usurper and Democrats cry the sky is falling if Republicans don’t get on board. (see video)

“If you can just get some intel on 4-5 of the members and report it back to me, I will try to aggregate the information and get it back to the [White House] and House [Democratic] leadership,” wrote Ralph Hellman in an e-mail Tuesday morning to fellow lobbyists, listing those House Republicans Obama considers in play. Hellman is lobbying in support of the stimulus package for technology companies, but Obama officials say he’s not working with the White House.

Hellman, a former top aide to former Speaker Dennis Hastert, noted in the message that the Republican target list consisted of those who recently voted with Democrats on extending the SCHIP program. Privately, White House aides are playing less nice, warning Republicans what is at stake.
With all the talk of bipartisanship Republicans are complaining that they were not included in the drafting of the bill neither were Republicans consulted in anyway. Yet Obama has a list of 40 Republicans which he and Democrats believe that they can turn.
Rep. Mike Pence (R-Ind.) closed the meeting by arguing that Republicans had been left out of the drafting process and had minimal contact with Pelosi and other House Democrats.
So there it is, Keep up appearances, tell people what they want to hear and work secretively to destroy your opposition. I’d say Democrats have Obama’s Borg politics of assimilation down cold.

If Republicans don’t learn how to counter in the first 100 days of Obama’s reign the die with be cast for the remainder of the Obama 4 year term as unconstitutional usurper of the United States of America and Conservative Republicans will be rendered ineffective for the duration of the Obama administration or they will become apart of the collective like Sens. McCain and Lindsey Graham.

Both scenarios are totally unacceptable for Conservatives


  1. You can dig all you want, but there is no pony hiding under the Democrat's stimulus manure pile. There is no pony hiding in the stimulus "pile of manure"

  2. You are 100% right IR just the god awful smell of politics ala Democrats and Liberals.

    BTW I think your blog is great!


  3. Thanks Anon that was very thoughtful of you!!!

  4. Obama says his "recovery plan will include UNPRECEDENTED measures that will allow the American people to hold [his] administration ACCOUNTABLE" yet Obama refuses to be held ACCOUNTABLE to the same American people for his UNPRECEDENTED refusal to show his actual birth certificate.

  5. Ted
    He is the true example of a hypocrite me thinks!