Monday, February 16, 2009

$3.27Trillion dollar Demulus Package

Democrats vote to spent your money on their projects

Oh you thought it was $787 billion dollars? Do you believe everything that a Democrat tells you?

According to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office the $787 billion dollar Demulus Package (so named because no Republicans voted for it) will cost your children and your children’s children a cool $3.27Trillion dollars according to that stems from the $744 billion it will take to pay for the additional debt the legislation will create, and $2.527 trillion in increased spending from the new and expanded programs the bill will spawn over the next decade. (see story) and see (CBO letter to Nancy Pelosi)

By the way I did not misspeak no Republicans voted for it. If you are thinking of Sens. Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe both of Maine and Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania by their own actions they have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are not Republicans. Further all three of them should be barred from any Republican caucus and they should be censured until they can be defeated in the next election.

Collins, Snowe and Specter have constantly and continually been a liability to the Republican Party and frankly this Party can no longer afford Mavericks when the Democrats continue to control their tightly knit Party.

And you can bet that every Democrat no vote against the Demulus Package was approved by Nancy Pelosi so that Blue Dog Democrats could go home and say that they voted against the Demulus Package. It’s all Democrat illusion.

What is not an illusion is that the bill now spans more than 1,000 pages according to and has all of the Democrat pet projects that are objectionable to fiscal Conservatives because these projects are meant to enhance and strengthen Democrat power and control over government.

• The plan has more than $3 billion in “neighborhood stabilization” and Community Development Block Grant funding, much of which may go to benefit ACORN, a low-income housing and voter registration “community” organization that is under federal investigation for its suspicious voter registration practices.
• $1.3 billion to bailout AMTRAK, the perennial money-loser railroad.
• $1 billion for educational programs, including courses on sexually transmitted diseases.
• $30 million for restoration of wetlands to be spent in the San Francisco Bay Area – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s district. The money will go in part to protect the endangered salt marsh harvest mouse.
• $200 million for a low-pollution, coal-fired power plant in President Barack Obama’s home state of Illinois.
• $45 million for ATV four-wheeler trails, and government office renovations, according to RNC Chairman Michael Steele.
• $200 million to provide computers to community colleges.
• $50 million for the National Endowment of the Arts.
• Over $650 million in coupons to help consumers buy digital TV converter-box coupons.
• A reported $300 million for hybrid vehicles and electric-powered cars. According to the Washington Times, this item will include buying golf carts for federal workers.

Democrats own this disaster they will not be able to lay any of this on Republicans, oh they will attempt to but Republicans did just enough to remove all doubt that Democrats wrote this bill themselves, passed it through a Democrat controlled Congress and a Democrat President will sign it into law when he comes back from holiday in a day or two.

And you thought that there was an urgency to Congress passing this bill!

Here’s Obama in his own words outlining the wasteful spending in Demulus package. (see video)

Earmarks and pet projects? This Demulus bill that Obama will sign on Tuesday is full of them. Everything that Obama said about this bill is a lie.

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