Friday, February 27, 2009

Obama creates a Department of Ghetto Affairs

Obama and Ludacris


Yay Boy! Luda would be proud of his boy Obama who is lookin out for the peeps in the Ghetto. It seems the first black prez just dropped by executive order the first Department of Ghetto Affairs (DOGA). Okay, okay the Office of Urban Affairs but same difference fool! (see Order)

Yea old boy didn’t even pass it through Congress he just bit-h slapped the order on America ‘cause he can do whatever he likes! This calls for a celebration (see video)

Say what? Obama is Here! Now the only thing left is that paint job on the White House! And you know that!

Obama raising the roof ya’ll

You think we can get a Department of Malt Liquor too? DOGA! Roof, roof!

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