Thursday, February 05, 2009

Prevention or Reduced Cost it all sounds like funding Abortion to Me

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi

In the Orwellian World of Nancy Pelosi $819Billion dollar pork laden stimulus package can be chuck full of payments to Planned Parenthood and other abortion advocacy groups and that will stimulate the Economy. (see videos)

Now a second attempt by Pelosi:

Hum, so according to Pelosi less is better. That’s right the less people born the less people to provide jobs, universal healthcare, food stamps, and contraceptives for. Hey that’s preventative and that’s reducing cost! Way to go Nancy.

But wait a minute in the future when the $819Billion dollar bill comes due and you’ve prevented and reduced all of those births who is going to pay for your stimulus package?

Maybe we can get the Chinese to do it. They already hold a good portion of our debt why not let them worry that the $819Billion too.

That's it! I just came up with our new foreign policy, “Hey China you can’t war against us because if you defeat us or destroy us then who’s going to pay you back the trillions of dollars that we owe you?”

Get that statement to Obama right away it makes just as much sense as apologizing to Iran and the rest of the Islamic world for America.

Pelosi’s stimulus monstrosity is being debated in the Senate this week. Democrats have the votes to pass whatever they want but they still want the “Republican cover” that they didn’t get in the House of Representatives. It’s like they want Mommy’s and Daddy’s approval they just don’t want to be seen in public with them.

The trouble for Conservatives is there are enough Bush Republicans in the Senate to go along to get along with this $900Billion dollar Democrat madness. What’s a Bush Republican you ask? Oh that’s the Republican that wears the kick me sign on his or her back as they abandon their free market principles or any other principles that would distinguish them from a Democrat.

Bush Republicans are very eager to please their Democrat allies in the Senate and are often seen bending over frontward to do so. Bush Republicans are sometimes referred to as RINOs and like the actual animal they are not considered very bright.

So you tell them that a $900Billion dollar Democrat appropriations bill is really a stimulus package to get the economy moving but don’t pay any attention to the $4.3Billion dollars in this bill earmarked for ACORN or any of the other Democrat boondoggles and a senate Bush Republican will go along with Democrats every time.

This so-called Stimulus bill is business as usual in Washington nothing has changed except there are different Conmen in charge.

Senate Republicans should reject this bill if Democrats refuse to strip out all of their non-stimulus irrelevant wish list items.

After seeing what Democrats did to President Bush, Bush Republicans should know by now that voting on any bill just to please Democrats is a lose, lose situation. So why not do the right thing and keep true to Republican principles; small government, less spending, and Conservative values.

If Pelosi or anyone else in D.C. really truly believed in prevention or reduced cost the Senate would prevent any and all non-stimulus appropriations from getting attached to the Senate stimulus bill. That’s right not a single one not even Pelosi’s Orwellian version of prevention and reduced cost.

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