Thursday, March 12, 2009

9,000 reasons why Obama has no moral high ground with Earmarks

"We need earmark reform, and when I'm president, I will go line by line to make sure that we are not spending money unwisely."—Barack Obama
"It will be a little embarrassing for the president if he signs a bill with that many earmarks on it," said Stan Collender, a veteran Washington budget analyst. "He'll say they're left over from the Bush years, and he as to say that next year the bill will be clean."— William Douglas and David Lightman
He’s done it! Not only did he sign the $410 billion omnibus spending bill that Democrats filled up with 9,000 earmarks and pet projects the president attempted to displace blame by embracing the earmarks. And then he attempted to give the impression that he wasn’t in the least embarrassed for doing it. And you know what, he wasn’t. It’s like whatever he says at the time is what he expects the American people to believe. Our President is a psychopathic liar. (see story) (see video)

All those promises, and it’s becoming apparent even to Liberal partisans that he didn’t intend to keep even one of them. Barack Hussein Obama is conscience-free and he has no guilt or shame. Many of you mistook his psychosis for coolness, for calmness but it’s not. Obama just doesn’t give a damn what you or I think.

Obama promised to go through any bill line by line to make sure that he and Democrats weren’t going to spend our money unwisely, remember he promised that on the campaign trail. Now tell me do you seriously think that he went through this $410 billion dollar pork barrel to prevent wasteful spending? I seriously doubt it and you do too!

But here the pathetic part, as he signed the bill Obama blame President Bush for leaving 9,000 Earmarks around which he and Democrats were forced to sign into law! Is that crazy or what?

Despite the fact that congressional Democrats crafted much of the bill after Obama was elected, the White House argues that the pork-laden bill — which increases federal spending across a range of Cabinet departments by 8% — is part of the prior Administration's legacy.-- Jay Newton-Small and Michael Scherer (see story)

President Bush did not waste tax payers money on 9,000 Earmarks so according to the Obama administration that’s a bad thing (unfinished business). And not only that, we are supposed to believe that it is actually a good thing that President Obama has signed this Democrat Christmas tree into law.
Let see that’s;

• $200,000 for “Tattoo Removal Violence Prevention Outreach Program,” pg. 283;
• $188,000 for Maine lobster earmark in the omnibus, pg. 173;
• $5.8 million earmark for the “Ted Kennedy Institute for the Senate…for the planning and design of a building & an endowment,” pg. 232;
• $473,000 for National Council of La Raza, earmark from Sens. Bingaman and Menendez, pg. 212.
• $2 Million for Children's Wooden Arrow Makers
• $1.9 million for the Charles B. Rangel Center for Public Service
• $1 Million for New York Woodstock Museum
• $192 Million for U.S. Territories' Rum Industries
• $98,000 to Develop a Walking Tour of Boydton, Virginia
• $50,000 for the National Mule and Packers Museum in Bishop, California
• $583,000 for the Montana World Trade Center
• $460,752 for Beer Ingredient
• $150,000 for "Rat Island"
• Money for improving blueberry products in Georgia
• Money a solar highway in Oregon
• Money a pleasure taxi service in Connecticut
• And Money for Mormon cricket control (source)
President Obama checked this bill for wasteful spending just as well as he vets his picks for Cabinet positions for his administration.
"Done right, earmarks have given legislators the opportunity to direct federal money to worthy projects that benefit people in their districts. And that's why I've opposed their outright elimination."—President Barack Obama
Beer, Rum and wooden arrows I’d say that’s doing earmarks right president Obama!

The unfortunate political ploy that Democrats and the Obama administration are attempting to sell to the American people is that President Bush is responsible for this earmark infested bill. That’s right you heard me, if President Bush would have signed these 9,000 Earmarks into law then President Obama would not have had to. What a load!

The Obama administration has said it will recommend changes for future spending and appropriations measures, but that the president viewed this bill as essential. Obama has "no second thoughts" about signing it, White House spokesperson and Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said.

"I bet many presidents have signed bills that may not meet 100% of their desires," Gibbs told reporters in the televised briefing. "This stuff should have been done before Sen. Barack Obama became President-elect Barack Obama and certainly before he became President Barack Obama."

Gibbs said the bill was not perfect, but that the president was committed to changing the process. "There'll be some new rules of the road," Gibbs said.
Now that’s just insulting to our collective intelligence President Obama funds 9,000 earmarks for billions of dollars and at the same time promises a future fix for pork barrel spending.

I would call that the audacity of stealing tax payers’ money in the middle of the worst economic times since the great depression or you might call it a president who is a psychopathic liar and a Democrat controlled Congress that is complicit in thief of taxpayers’ money.

How does the Obama administration justify this bill? By deception of course, just as they always do.

Notice the pattern first sign it, and then promise to do something different in the future, then justify wrong action by stating that it is an emergency or that it is critical that something wrong be allowed just for the moment, express that you are not ashamed of doing the wrong thing. Point out the fact everyone is doing it and finally if all else fails or even if it doesn’t, Blame Bush.

There’s no moral high ground here Mr. Obama only Psychopathic behavior Mr. President.

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