Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Al Gore Proved Wrong about Global Warming Gets Obama’s Support Anyway

Albert Arnold Gore, Jr.
The CO2 wars have begun. Presumably following White House directions, the EPA is ready to issue an "Endangerment Finding" on carbon dioxide, paving the way for regulations to control CO2 emissions.—Dr. S. Fred Singer
Al Gore has discovered that one can use the former prestige of being the Vice president of the United States of America couple that with bad science and turn them into phenomenal fame and riches. Gore has won a Grammy, an Oscar, and a Nobel Peace Prize but I’m sure that he would give it all back if he could have the one prize that has eluded him thus far, taxing billions of dollars of your money.

For years Mr. Gore has been heavily leveraged on the front end of cap and trade investments. He was hoping for windfall profits when he first started his campaign in 2000 denouncing anthropogenic Global warming due to man-made CO2 emissions. (see here, here and here)

In Gore’s vision the world would simply panic persuaded by his cataclysmic pronouncements and dire warnings to act immediately or face the irreversible consequences of melting ice caps, dieing Polar Bears, rising sea levels and the CO2 induced warming of Earth that would be so extreme that the Earth would soon resemble the terrain on Mars. Only one thing though, Al Gore is wrong! (see video)

Well after nine years of Gore’s Global Warming Prophecies, the Earth is still standing, we are all still here. And the fact that you didn’t allow the government to willy-nilly run off and join the Kyoto agreements and other European cap and trade schemes which would have forced American tax payers and their children’s children to pay for Al Gore’s and his children’s C02 investments has Gore perplexed and a bit angry.

Don’t you get it? Going green is all one giant scam! Oh there are some lowly environmentalist and college students that are in it to save the planet but by-in-large this is a big money venture on the scale of creating a second Federal Reserve. This is an Energy Federal Reserve and like the original there is money for nothing to be made coming directly from a permanent source the American tax payer.

That’s the bottom line, that’s the truth about Al Gore’s Global warming and climate change scheme, what Gore is really about is tax payer’s money going to him and his associates under the guise of saving the planet.
Tom Randall of Winningreen LLC reports (Feb 5): Steven Chu, President Obama's new Secretary of Energy, held his first news conference last Tuesday, urging a propaganda campaign to scare the public into spending additional billions of dollars to combat mythical global warming.—SEPP
After eight years of being rebuffed by George W. Bush Gore finally has someone in the White House who cares even less than he does about the tax payer’s money and now he is sure that all of his investments will begin to take off once President Obama’s White House signs off on all of Gore’s Global warming initiatives. (see story)
[A] full-blown application of the Clean Air Act would be the equivalent of an atomic bomb directed at the US economy — all without any scientific justification. Hence there is speculation that the White House strategy is to use the threat of EPA regulation to force Congress to take action.—Dr. S Fred Singer
The only thing between Gore and his big payday now is the current state of the economy. President Obama will enact Clean Air policies and EPA regulations which residually will make Al Gore wealthier than the country of Venezuela but Obama has got to get money flowing in the economy again so that tax payers won’t notice the siphoning off of more billions of their dollars.

We all know that Global warming is not the Earth killer that Gore said it was in 2000 so why are they still doing this? Your money, it couldn’t be anything else because according to Dr. Singer CO2 is not even a pollutant!

But why reduce CO2 emission at all?
• CO2 is not a "pollutant." The best evidence we have from climate science shows that any warming from the emission of greenhouse gases is insignificant — contrary to claims by the UN-IPCC. See the NIPCC report, Nature Not Human Activity Rules the Climate, at www.sepp.org.
• The climate has not been warming since 1998 — in spite of steadily rising CO2 levels. But even if it were warming, reputable economists have shown that it would yield overall benefits. For details, see the NIPCC report.
• Finally, the level of CO2 is now largely controlled by emissions from China. But even if all nations were to cut emissions according to the Kyoto Protocol, CO2 levels would continue to rise, albeit at a slightly slower rate.
Global warming/Climate Change has never been about the planet it has always been about creating a new revenue stream for the Global economy. The Global warming agenda is economic slavery for the 21st century and beyond, and that my comrade fits in quite well with Obama's plan of “Change” also known as fascist socialism for the United States of America.

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