Thursday, March 26, 2009

Barney Frank is a Homosexual Bigot

Barney Frank with Mike Evans at Equality Forum in Philadelphia
"I wouldn't want it to go to the United States Supreme Court now because that homophobe Antonin Scalia has too many votes on this current court."—Congressman Barney Frank

What is the adjoining pejorative for homophobe, Faggot? A homophobe according to the way it is used by Congressman Frank and other homosexual radicals is:
Definition Homophobe:

(1) Anyone who believes that marriage is and has always been an institution uniting man and woman.

(2) Anyone who rejects the homosexual agenda which is to force aberrant and deviate sexual behavior on the society.

(3) Anyone who doesn’t kowtow to the political correct groupthink which accepts aberrant homosexual behavior as normal.

(4) Anyone who homosexuals are attempting to win an argument against.

(5) Anyone who stands in the way of homosexuals achieving their ultimate goal of establishing sexual deviancy as a normal way of life.

(6) Anyone who doesn’t think that any form of deviant sexual expression is a civil right.

(7) Anyone who expresses a contrary opinion to what homosexuals are attempting to achieve.

(8) Anyone who is brave enough to say that homosexuality is wrong.

(9) Anyone who doesn’t accept the fallacious legal arguments that homosexuality is a civil right.
Homophobe is the strongest pejorative that homosexuals can hurl at anyone that they wish to smear so Barney Frank should be under the same sanctions that anyone else would be under if they referred to him as a Faggot.

Barney Frank called Justice Antonio Scalia a homophobe because Justice Scalia is not intimated by the homosexual agenda, apparently, like his colleagues are.

Scalia dissented from the court's Lawrence v. Texas ruling in 2003 that struck down state laws banning consensual sodomy. Like most Conservatives Scalia has complained about judges, rather than elected officials, deciding questions of morality about which the Constitution is silent. Scalia was right! (see article)

Controversial topics like gay rights and abortion should not be in the hands of judges, Scalia has said, calling on people to persuade their legislatures or amend the Constitution.

In June 2003, the Supreme Court legalized homosexual conduct in all 50 states by it’s ruling in Lawrence v. Texas, the court insisted its ruling had nothing to do with gay marriage. ‘Baloney,’ Justice Scalia replied. Scalia was right!

In Lawrence v. Texas, Scalia wrote in dissent that the court’s decision “leaves on pretty shaky grounds state laws limiting marriage to opposite-sex couples. …Today’s opinion dismantles the structure of constitutional law that has permitted a distinction to be made between heterosexual and homosexual unions, insofar as formal recognition in marriage is concerned. …This case ‘does not involve’ the issue of homosexual marriage only if one entertains the belief that principle and logic have nothing to do with the decisions of this Court.”

Scalia foresaw the “judicial imposition of homosexual marriage” in the wake of Lawrence v. Texas.

By overturning Bowers v. Hardwick, the 1986 decision upholding the states’ rights to criminalize homosexual conduct, the court was making gay marriage all but inevitable, Scalia suggested.

He was right. Five months later, in November 2003, the highest court in Massachusetts ruled that laws barring gay marriage were unconstitutional. Earlier this year, California followed suit.

Dozens of states have passed constitutional amendments barring the recognition of same-sex marriage. But these laws will soon be tested. Justice Scalia was right! Because they didn’t understand the impact which their ruling would have on society it was the U.S. Supreme Court itself that has opened this door to homosexuals seeking the right to marry. They did it as Justice Scalia warned by the Court’s ruling in Lawrence v. Texas.

You see a person like Justice Scalia messes up Frank's homosexual agenda. According to the Homosexual agenda the Courts are supposed to advance the homosexual agenda like the California Supreme Court did in 2008 when the state Supreme Court struck down proposition 22 the state law that defined marriage uniting man and woman.

Homosexuals didn’t count on the 6.3million homophobic voters in California supporting proposition 8 reestablishing what 4 out of 7 Justices on the California court wrongly ruled against, marriage as it had always been defined uniting man and woman.

Lastly, what Congressman Frank is doing by calling Justice Scalia a homophobe is tilling the ground for a possible Obama homosexual supporting Justice appointment to the Supreme Court.

Frank is also firing a shoot across the bow of the U.S. Supreme Court warning of upcoming suits challenging marriage. Frank is telling the other Justices don’t be like Justice Scalia, be good judges don’t be homophobic. Frank is doing this in the same manner which president Obama did it when Obama warned Congressional Republicans not to listen to Rush Limbaugh.

In general homosexuals are embolden by the Liberal agenda being unleashed on the United States by the Democrat controlled Congress and a Democrat President.

Congressman Frank feels so empowered that he believes that he can openly verbally assault a Supreme Court Justice with homosexual bigoted hate speech and suffer no repercussions from his bigoted and disrespectful behavior.

If Justice Scalia can not sue Frank for slander at the very least Frank should be censured by Congress for behavior unbefitting an elected official. If not the voters of Massachusetts should take responsibility for this disgrace of a Congressman and vote Frank out of office!

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