Monday, March 30, 2009

Foxes Guarding the American Henhouse

Someone asked the question just how did we get to the point in America where we have the very people that caused the world-wide financial crisis, Barack Obama and Democrats, in charge of fixing the financial crisis. A very good question but can you handle the truth? Then follow the timeline.

The Bush Administration attempted to warn Congress as early as 2001 and continually thereafter that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were potentially toxic agencies that were primed to bring the world economy crashing down. However Democrats aided by the media were able to present Republicans in the worst possible light as well as portray them to be uncaring and out of touch fear mongers who were only trying to prevent poor families from sharing in the great American dream of home ownership. (see 4min. video)

The Democrat and media con job was so effective for years that Saturday Night Live spoofed it as an incredible work of propaganda. SNL laid the blame of the financial crisis squarely at the feet of Democrats. According to the SNL spoof the banking crisis and subsequent Democrat involvement was the cause of the financial crisis. But because the skit told too much of the truth it was censored by SNL but not before over 3 million people viewed it. Interestingly enough no other skits spoofing Sen. McCain or Gov. Palin were censored during that same time period. Bill O’Reilly picks up on this partisan hypocrisy and reports on why he believes the SNL skit was banned. (see 2.46min. video)(forgive poor video quality)

In effect, what has occurred in America is one of the greatest scams in American political history. The people and Party which caused this international financial debacle have convinced you the American people that they are the ones who should be running America and you have put them in charge of the White House and Congress so that they can now hide their guilt and further confuse the issue of their responsibility for this the most dangerously volatile financial times in American and world history. What we have in American today is the proverbial Foxes guarding the Hen house.

The following video details the financial footprints of Democrats which lead from Democrat Presidents Carter, Clinton, Obama and the Organization ACORN which President Obama trained when he was a civil rights attorney. Obama taught ACORN how to force banks to make the loans that are at the heart of the international financial collapse. Yet to this day Obama lies and says that he inherited this problem from Bush. No, that is not true, in fact these loans and this financial crisis are not inherited from the previous administration this crisis is Obama’s and Democrats’ own chickens coming home to roost.(see 8.29min. video,worth viewing)

Carter, Clinton, Obama and ACORN equals world economic collapse

Americans you have been played for fools by the glib smooth talking political partisans that you wanted. Politicians who believe that they can talk you and me into allowing them to spending trillions of dollars that we don’t have. They also believe that they can convince us that they must completely remake America from a Constitutional Representative Democracy which uses an economic Capitalist engine into a Fascist Socialist Government which controls its people through combined Presidential, Congressional and Judicial fiat. In addition to that, their Socialist model has no idea how to create wealth.

Barack Obama, the Democrat Controlled Congress and Liberal Judges must be stopped from doing any more damage than what they’ve already done to America.

Democrats’ dreams of a Liberal Socialist utopia where the government tells the people what to eat, where to work, where to get health care, how to live and when to sleep is the very antithesis of what America was meant to be. To be sure the huge paternal omni-government that Obama and Democrats are constructing right this minute is the very opposite of the freedom from tyrannous government that America was founded on.

But this seems to be the point doesn’t it? Democrats have found a way to make you believe and accept the very opposite of the truth. That is why they are in power now. You believed reality from a Democrat perspective and voted them in and gave them power to unleash their bizzaro world of “right and wrong”, “up and down” on the rest of us.

Listen to Nancy Pelosi’s and other Democrats' bizzaro worldview of the financial crisis and then see how their views compares with the truth. The truth is Republicans attempted to prevent this financial crisis but their efforts were blocked by Democrats. (see 7.15min. video worth viewing)

Therefore, in truth Democrats; Barney Frank, Christopher Dodd, Henry Waxman, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton, John Murtha, Joe Biden, Charles Schumer and Barack Obama, et al., are the foxes that guard the American Hen house.

And I think we all know what transpires under such an arrangement.

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