Saturday, March 21, 2009

I Hate to Say it!'s hard to say, "I told you so", but
I did!!!!!

When grossly inexperienced then candidate Obama was
running for office, the liberals made hay out of Sara Palin's "inexperience". Well guess what? On her worst
day, she couldn't have caused the total chaos and ruin
that the Obama administration has already caused in less
than 60 days.

Not only can Obama not speak publically without the help
of a teleprompter, he has proven that he can't put together
a cabinet. Most of his key posts in the Treasury department
are vacant, and his Treasury Secretary has the ability of a chipmunk in putting together a workable economic plan.
I mean, look what his AIG plan consisted of. It was he
who was responsible for writing the agreement, before the
bail-out money was issued, and he blew it.............big
time! To add insult to injury, he spent days trying to
weasel out of the situation, blaming everyone who was within
arm's length of the office.

Why is it that the liberals can only berate the Republicans,
instead of giving them credit for accomplishments, when they
are in office, but consider themselves to be infallible in governmental matters? The biggest part of their problem
when they are in the majority, is that big government is
never big enough, and as we have seen, never competent
in any case.

President Obama and his Democratic Congress should back off
the entire question of the economy. They have already
proven themselves totally inept in the field, and should
beg the forgiveness of the American voters for having deceived
us all. Then, they should accept the Republican plans of
no more bailouts, no programs favoring the unions, a full one
year tax moratorium, no nationalized healthcare, no more
tons of money going to wasted educational attempts, and most
of our problems will disappear within 6 months.

As for our "Foreign Policy"......... once again Obama has
shown that he is neither a sophisticaed nor firm leader,
but rather one who seeks the approval of the world, including
our enemies. Only a total incompetent would approach Iran
in the manner in which he did. You can't extend an olive
branch to someone who would toss it into the fire in an
instant. Iran doesn't seek our approval nor do they want our counsel. They have but one thing in mind; to create a world-wide disaster, so that the world will be ready for their "benevolent" god to come to earth to reward all the little terrorists. (You listening Ms. Napolitano?)

Our wonderful President has made us the laughing stock of the
entire world. He accused President Bush of making us lose
respect among nations, but his actions have reduced the once
great United States to the position of a Third World nation.
At least under President Bush, if we lost respect, we were
feared. Under President Obama, even a puppy would consider
lifting his leg on the President's shoes.

Unless Obama shows some backbone very soon, I am afraid that
Israel will fear the loss of United States backing, and take
it upon itself to unleash a devastating attack on Iran, to
complete what the United States should have done a long time

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