Thursday, March 05, 2009

I Hope You Are Happy Now!

This post is directed to all those college students
who voted for Barack Obama.
You wanted change,
you got it............... and definitely not for the better.

You criticized older, wiser parents and other adults,
for “messing up the country”. But long after I am
gone, you are the ones who will be stuck with the burden
of your own stupidity.
“Change you can believe in”, became more than just a slogan. It effectively chained you, your children, and your grandchildren, to generations of
insurmountable debt
, lowering your standards of living,
and consuming most of your household’s two-incomes for

You can’t say that you weren’t warned. Older, wiser voters had tried to inform you that programs like Obama’s
just don’t work.
Socialism is not the American way, and
you will soon see why, and live to regret it.

I remember a story that someone told me, about a female
college student and her dad. They had been discussing
political parties, and the daughter stated that she was a
staunch Democrat,
and belittled the father for being a
Republican, saying that he favored benefits for the “rich”,
rather than “entitlements” for the middle class.

The father asked her how things were going at school, and
told her that he missed her coming home on weekends as
she had previously done. She began to bemoan the fact that
she was carrying a more than normal credit load, and that
plus her part-time job on campus, kept her busy all the time.

She said that she missed all the campus parties, because she
just didn’t seem to have any time to have fun, and was proud
that she was able to maintain a 4.0 grade.

Dad asked about her roommate and whether she was in the
same boat. The daughter said, “no way dad...... she parties
all the time, never does her assignments and is close to failing.
Laura can barely maintain a 2.0, because half the time she is
either late for class or misses it entirely”.

Dad said, “you really like her, don’t you?” The daughter said,
“yes dad, she is my best friend”. “Well”, said dad, “why don’t
you give Laura just one of your credits
........... that way, each of
you will have a 3.0?

Daughter hit the ceiling!!!! “What???.......... I should give her
one of my credits, that I worked so hard for, when she has been
partying every night since term began? No way!!! Those
credits are mine, I earned them and I will not share them!”

Dad smiled, looked at his daughter and said,................”welcome
to the Republican Party honey”

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