Tuesday, March 03, 2009

In a Country of Morons!

It amazes me that with each passing day,
we go deeper and deeper into this financial quagmire.
Why? It might be because those “in charge”
can’t find their posteriors with two hands and a flashlight.

To me, it’s a no-brainer, that raising taxes will only push us further down into the rut. What are these idiots thinking?Rather than “fix” the problem by mortgaging our great-grandchildren’s future, working with what we have available to us today, would have been too simple for them.

Look!........... recessions come and go. They are the natural phenomena of a free-working capitalistic society. They weed out the weak, and reinforce the strong. If you don’t like that,
then you are living in the wrong country.

What Obama wants to do, with the help of the liberal Democrats
in Congress, and a few misguided “Republicans”
, is steer the
country directly into Socialism.!He is determined to tear down the very fabric of the United States, and convert us into a member of a “world government”, built on socialism, income redistribution,
and “cradle to grave care”.
Very admirable! But totally
as witnessed by the great success of the Soviet Union,
that had to build walls, not to keep people out of the country, but
to keep their own citizens in. Can you imagine a “Union of Socialist American States”? This is Obama’s ultimate aim. He has deceived
the fools who didn’t see through his pie-in-the-sky rhetoric,
and they
are the ones responsible for bringing this incompetent to the highest
office of the United States.

The bills that President Obama signs, it seems on a daily basis, will
do nothing for us.
...........neither today nor a year from now. These
are “welfare” bills, not investments in our future.

Mr. President............ a first year economics student could see what
has to be done. You keep adding insult to injury, with your massive
spending programs. Instead of mortgaging our great-great-grandchildren’s
futures, do the only sensible thing that can be done. Put a nine month
moratorium on all federal income taxes
. No personal income tax, no business tax, no corporate tax. Simple..... and I am willing to bet that our problems will be solved within that time frame. The companies that
are presently in trouble, will get the chance to dig out. The workers
will have that extra cash to pay down debt, or invest in the markets.

Oh, ......................”we will lose revenue”, did you say? You will lose a
lot less revenue than the trillions that you are draining from our national
wealth. The economy will turn around, without all these stimulus
that have no hope of accomplishing that, because most of
what is in those packages is pure pork or payback to your ultra-left constituents.

By this time next year, we could be well on the way back to where we
were a year ago. The government would begin taking in sufficient
revenue from all the new jobs that would be created, to cut that
“awesome Bush deficit
which you have now tripled.

So President Obama.............please don’t continue to insult the
intelligence of most of the American voters
. You got into office by
misrepresenting your intended purpose.
I did believe that you
were going to bring “change you can believe in”
which is why I didn’t
vote for you.
If only the ones that you conned had felt the same as
I did, I think that this country would be better off today.

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  1. brook,
    Sounds like you don't approve of the greatest presidency in the history of the U.S. of A!

    Of course that's what Obama backs think. Anyways I agree what is hurting this economy is not what Obama's so-called fixes are geared to.

    We need good middle class jobs. Like the ones that corporations have been outsourcing for over 20 years.

    The whole world has been bouyed by American jobs at the expense of the American worker.

    We don't need jobs funded by tax payers dollars all we need are the jobs that were outsourced to India, China, Mexico and Europe back into the United States. Some would call that protectionism but I call anyone who would say that stupid!

    It's the Jobs stupid!