Monday, April 27, 2009

Cap and Trade is Slavery not Science Mr. Obama

We will restore science to its rightful place –Mr. Barack Hussein Obama, Inauguration day January 20, 2009
“[Carbon dioxide] is not a pollutant. Americans will pay a heavy price, for no benefit, if this ruling is allowed to stand” -- William Happer, physics professor Princeton University
The days of slavery are back. No not the archaic 17th and 18th century physical type, this is the new 21st Century high tech economic variety. And ironically it’ll be ushered in by a Black man.

Apparently to Mr. Barack Hussein Obama is not opposed to subjugating Americans to Global taxation and apparently to Mr. Obama science’s rightful place is promoting nonscientific partisan political policy such as the policy surrounding Global warming and Carbon dioxide.

Scientific Fact : The planet has not warmed since 1998 (source)
Scientific Fact: The planet is cooling (source)
Scientific Fact: Carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases are not causing climate change or global warming. (source)
Economic Fact: Cap & Trade and other policies surrounding Global warming are gateway policies meant to subject the USA to World government and the World economy. (source)

So why are the Environmental Protect Agency or EPA (in their pronouncement last week) and the Congress of the United States of America attempting to legislate Environmental policy, in the name of greenhouse gases and Global warming, against science and against the facts? I’ve been telling you that Global warming and the green movement around it is all a deception which is being used to impose an international global tax on you. (see story)

I’ve warned that its slavery through taxation without representation, but in case you still don’t believe me then perhaps you’d be willing to consider Democrat Congressman John Dingell of Michigan or Global Warming fatalist Al Gore (see warning) (see video)
Nobody in this country realizes that Cap and Trade is a tax, and it’s a great big one! —Congressman John Dingell (D) Michigan
…I believe that the Cap and Trade approach is the essential first step partly because it is the only basis upon which we can envision a truly Global agreement because its very difficult to image a harmonizing global tax. —Al Gore
Congressional hearing was held last Friday it was supposed to discuss the EPA’s recent statement that greenhouse gases, which include Carbon Dioxide, are hazardous to the health of Americans thus it would set the stage for Congress to send Mr. Obama a bill to sign that would allow the US government to tax Americans through Cap and Trade or Carbon Taxes for the non-existent hazard of carbon dioxide induced Global warming.

Democrats invited Al Gore to “testa-lie” in support of what they intend to do concerning sending this legislation to Mr. Obama. Republicans invited UK's Lord Christopher Monckton, scientist and a former science advisor to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, to testify about the science regarding Global warming.

Democrats barred science from the hearing. They barred Lord Monckton in fear that Al Gore would be exposed for the fraud that he is. However, they did allow Mr. Gore who is not a scientist to appear before the hearing minus any voice from the scientific community that might be able to refute Gore’s claims or otherwise speak about the subject of global warming from a scientific perspective rather than the purely political viewpoint which Gore did.

Ironic but at his inauguration Mr. Obama promised that Democrats would restore science to its rightful place, which apparently to a Democrat is being excluded from any discuss regarding science. (see here and here)

But did you notice how Democrat Congressman John Dingell said that most people don’t even know that Cap and Trade is a tax? And a large one he added. And did you notice that Al Gore admits in somewhat coded language that Cap and Trade is an international tax or Global tax that would not be able to be impose if not for the cover of the opaque language of global warming?

Don’t you understand what is transpiring here? The United States Congress is openly talking about subjugating the American people to an international Cap and Trade scheme that has failed at least three to four times in Europe already according to Congressman Dingell.

If the American people rose up in arms about this scheme Congress would claim that they knew nothing about Carbon Taxes or Cap and Trade. Much like Nancy Pelosi is denying any knowledge of being briefed on waterboarding and approving of it before it became a practiced policy. Yet now that the radical left wishes to use the issue to go after President Bush Pelosi conveniently knows nothing about it even though there is proof that she did.

Whether it’s Waterboarding, AIG bonuses, Fannie Mae/ Freddie Mac Loans, or Weapons of Mass destruction the U.S. Congress had some knowledge of what was going on in each of these fiascos and have had hearing or briefing on each and if they where implemented our Congress approved of each and everyone just the same as these hearings on the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 aka Cap and Trade hearings.
Speaking of endless troubles, "cap-and-trade" comes cloaked in reassuring rhetoric about the government merely creating a market, but government actually would create a scarcity so government could sell what it has made scarce. The Wall Street Journal underestimates cap-and-trade's perniciousness when it says the scheme would create a new right ("allowances") to produce carbon dioxide and would put a price on the right.

Actually, because freedom is the silence of the law, that right has always existed in the absence of prohibitions. With cap-and-trade, government would create a right for itself -- an extraordinarily lucrative right to ration Americans' exercise of their traditional rights.
—George F. Will (source)
If Mr. Obama and his Democrat controlled Congress implement Cap and Trade of any kind they would virtually be putting Americans on the Trading blocks to be sold back to Europe into Cap and Trade slavery.

Now that you know will you be sold back into subjugation to Europe without as much as a whimper?

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