Friday, April 17, 2009

Obama disses Jesus

“...We do not consider ourselves a Christian nation or a Jewish nation or a Muslim nation. We consider ourselves a nation of citizens who are bound by ideals and a set of values.”—Barack Hussein Obama, speech in Turkey
Apparently there is only room for one Messiah in America and it ain’t Yeshua Náẓərat (Jesus of Nazareth).

President Obama is now preaching the gospel of polytheistic relativism wherever he goes. According to Obama your vote for him was a vote against Jesus Christ and since he is now president the United States, the United States is officially a nation of many religions that is bound by no one religion.

According to Obama we are citizens whose only borders are arbitrary ideas and transitory values which shift and change with the election of a president, him!

Oh Obama tried to warn us. In this speech before being elected president he told us that as far as he was concerned Christianity is passé as America’s foundational religion. (see .18sec. video)

Has anyone else besides me noticed that Obama disses Jesus but he never disses Mohammad? He has never told a Muslim country that their symbols or beliefs are offensive to his claim of faith in Jesus Christ.

And what’s more, Obama as never asked a Muslim nation or a Muslim host to compromise their faith or symbols. (Muslims ask Christians to compromise their faith and symbols all of the time!) However speaking at Georgetown University, a university which is run by the Jesuit order, and is one of the most prestigious historical Catholic institutions of higher education in the United States president Obama asked the university to cover the symbols of its faith so that the symbols of his presidency could transcend them. (see story here and here)

In President Obama’s recent trip abroad in his speech in Turkey what president Obama said was equivalent to telling his Muslim audience that the United States is a nation of infidels that can’t make up their minds on the existence of God or which religion is best to serve him if of course there is a God. (see 1.36min. video)

Obama is scheduled to speak at Notre Dame next month and the University is planning on confer an honorary degree on the President the problem is the Pope as recently come out strongly against politicians who claim to be Catholic but support abortion, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi is one such person that the Pope rebuked.

President Obama is pro abortion and the anticipation of his arrival and speech as caused somewhat of a controversy on the Notre Dame campus. (see story) and here

I wonder whether or not the Obama administration will ask Notre Dame to cover up Touchdown Jesus so not to offend the President?

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