Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Obama killing the Economy softly with his Environmental songs

Mr. Obama and Mr. Gore
The Environmental Protection Agency concluded Friday that greenhouse gases linked to climate change "endanger public health and welfare," setting the stage for regulating them under federal clean air laws.

The EPA action marks the first step toward imposing limits on pollution linked to climate change

Imposing “cap-and-trade” of emissions or a “carbon tax” will eviscerate the U.S. economy. The notion that the EPA should regulate carbon dioxide is absurd and the justification, if this goes into effect, will be the lies promulgated by the United Nations International Panel on Climate Change. As Sarah Liddy Bourne, vice president for policy and strategic development of The Heartland Institute, points out, the IPCC “include staffers of such activist groups as Greenpeace, Environmental Defense, and Environment Canada.” Not exactly the most neutral people on this critical topic.

Obama’s promise of 2.5 million new jobs based on “sustainable” energy such as solar and wind turbine use, the increase of ethanol production, and other mandates is utterly baseless as these steps ignore the fact that the nation and its economy is totally dependent on the use of oil, natural gas, coal, hydroelectric and nuclear for its energy requirements . Neither the solar or wind industries would exist without significant government subsidies and support.
–Alan Caruba (see source)

What does it feel like to lose your country? Well apparently it feels like any other day because you didn’t even notice that it has begun. The Obama Environment Protect Agency (EPA) just started the title transfer of the U.S. government over to the Global Economy. While they were doing that; you went to work, walked your dog, went to the gym or watched a game as the liberties and freedoms that so many Americans died and fought for, liberties which you inherited and enjoyed as a nation for over two hundred years are being package to be given away by President Barack Hussein Obama.

What?!? you say, you didn't hear anything about it. Oh but you did! It was done right in the open in plain sight. Apparently you just didn't understand what was happening. (see story)

The EPA’s official declaration that greenhouse gases are linked to climate change is the first step toward imposing limits on pollution linked to climate change, that’s Cap and Trade regulations which are international taxes. Taxes that will be collected from Americans and designated to go to Global regulators who will virtually be in control of the United States economy by international treaty, either Kyoto II or some other International Climate Control agreement that President Obama and his Democrat controlled Congress are in favor of.

How could this be happening you ask wasn’t the President supposed to be trying to bring the American economy back to strength?

This is in perfect keeping with the president’s motives of moving the United States off of the nation state model on to the “people of the world” international global economic model which he and his fellow Globalists are working furiously to achieve before you become the wiser.

You must remember Mr. Obama came into office with a complete different set of definitions and values from any other American president in American history, don’t you remember?

That’s why Russian president Medvedev could look into Mr. Obama's eyes and see his soul and call Mr. Obama comrade, that's why the sulfur smelling Venezuela president Hugo Chavez shook the hand of a smiling Obama and why the America hating Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega could deliver a 50 minute anti-American diatribe in the presence of Mr. Obama minus any reaction or comment from Mr. Obama to defend America.

Though Mr. Obama is speaking strongly about improving the U.S. economy his actions are meant to kill this country softly with his songs of tribute to global taxation under Cap and Trade agreements and Al Gore’s Climate change agenda.

To whit Mr. Obama is willingly subjugating America to a global taxation system like the one that we fought to rid ourselves from over two hundred years ago when we first broke away from Europe.

Funny the more one votes for change the more things remain the same.

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