Sunday, April 05, 2009

Over and Over..................

Yet more rhetoric from a hesitant US government, that
seems frightened of a “paper tiger” North Korea.
We should have shot that missile down, without hesitation...... especially since it crossed our ally Japan’s airspace, and
headed in the direction of Hawaii. This was an intentional
effort by North Korea to snub it’s nose at not only the US,
but at the entire world.

Since most of our allies are basically spineless, and rely
90% on US action, even to save their own asses, it is left
up to us to police the world..... and then endure their

The United Nations will prove once again, for the 5,000th
time, that it is useless to the point of being a cancer on
the face of the earth. These leeches are members of the
UN for the sole purpose of getting whatever they can,
whenever they can, and couldn’t care less about the world situation. So long as their pockets are filled, (as
evidenced by the missing art works from the UN headquarters),
and they can “meet” in New York, their work is done. They
all take their cheap shots at the US, but in fact, if it
weren’t for us, most of them wouldn’t have home countries

Now there are reports that the North Korean missile
“fizzled” and fell into the reassuring! What will happen the next time they fire one? They obviously lied about the purpose of the launch, stating
that it carried a communications satellite, when western
monitoring clearly states that no satellite was placed in

I am sure that the NK propaganda machine is working overtime,
playing music and phantom communications “from outer space”,
for the benefit of their duped citizens. So long as they
remain in the clenched fist of Kim-Jong and his oppressive
North Korean government, they will smile, go about their
work, and accept what they are told.

I firmly believe that only revolution from the insed, will
change the police state of North Korea. We can help that
along, if only the bleeding-heart “progressives” in this
country would adopt a harder line. The next time (and
there will be a next time) that a famine or major disaster
in North Korea leaves countless people starving and without
medical care, let’s send them millions of dollars worth of
food and medicine.............. to further prop up the
“self-made image" of Kim-Jong-Il and his compassion.

It’s not cruelty, and it’s not lack of compassion for the people.... it’s just plain common sense. We send the
aid, the people never see it, because Kim-Jong “feeds the
army first”, as proven in the past, over and over again. What
little might trickle down to the populace is promoted as "help"
from the wonderful Kim-Jong!

What does it take for Americans to wake up? But, it’s not surprising, because the voters here have shown stupidity
over and over again, by electing the bleeding hearts over those from the Teddy Roosevelt school of common sense.

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  1. Anonymous9:39 AM

    Here's my own resolution about the North Korean Missle Launch Attempt.

    Resolved that in response to North Korea's pathetic attempt to launch a rocket, presumably at Hawaii, we spit upon such a fatuous effort.

    Resolved that in view of North Korea's success with the firing of their missile, that they should be encouraged to escalate their neuclear arms program in the vicnity of their Presidential Palace so as to hasten regime chamge.

    Resolved that in recognition of the Scientists of North Korea's sincere efforts, that they should not be subjected to orture for their failures.