Thursday, April 02, 2009

Throwing Rocks and Hiding Hands

With no penalty to be paid for dropping the pretense, Obama aides hope to push their luck by painting Republicans as either irrelevant or ridiculous. The equation is simple: The more clownish the opposition seems, the more the White House can get away with.-- John Dickerson
As kids we did things that we didn’t want to take the blame for. Some of us have thrown a ball through a window of the house next door and run away to hide. Some of us have thrown rocks and when our intended target turned to face us we hid our hands and glanced upwards as if, ‘It wasn’t me who threw that rock.’

Likewise, how long must we put up with the insufferable charade of Democrats claiming to be inclusive, open-minded and bi-partisan? After eight straight rancid years of Bush blaming and Bush bashing does anyone really think that Democrats have anything in them but distain for the Republican Party? Anyone?

It’s a joke. Democrats are pushing the most radical agenda ever in the history of the United States of America. Democrats are attempting a sea change of social change through legislation, change that will turn American society on its ear. They are spending obscene amounts of tax payers’ money and expanding government control beyond anything ever known in the United States of America.

They’re really playing Americans for fools by pretending that they are reasonably attempting to govern when all they are attempting to do is totally dismantle any sense of American tradition and replace it with some sort of utopian socialist government mandated way of life.

On top of all of this Democrats blame Republicans for playing a partisan blame game that they themselves are engaged in. Democrats do this if Republicans dare to criticize them in any way or even slightly resist the Democrat deconstruction of traditional American values. It is a brilliant piece of projection, a throwing of rocks and hiding of hands.

In Jay Cost’s, “The President Blames Republicans for the Partisan Blame Game,” Cost outlines how President Obama’s words regarding partisanship never match his actions. In other words throughout his short presidency Obama has talked bi-partisanship while he continued to act stridently partisan. Then he blames Republican for the partisanship that he has enacted. (see story)

In John Dickerson’s, “From D├ętente to Taunts,” Dickerson discloses that any talk about partisanship from Democrats was only pretense to begin with. Democrats never ever intended to be bi-partisan not even when they were in the minority they were always planning to undermine Republicans at every opportunity. (see story)
The best measure of how far we've not traveled may be Republican Sen. Judd Gregg of New Hampshire. Back in January, there was talk of the stimulus bill getting 80 votes in the Senate, including a slew of Republicans.

Now the White House and some Democrats are considering using the process of "budget reconciliation" to pass important initiatives on health care and energy—a process that allows them to pass these bills without Republican votes. "You're talking about running over the minority, putting them in the cement, and throwing them in the Chicago River," says Gregg.
--John Dickerson
It’s all a ruse, a con. Democrats want you to think that everyone is happy that Obama won the presidency, but 58.3million Americans voted against Obama. Democrats want you to believe that everyone is for the spending that they are doing but even some Democrats are against the 3.27trillion dollar stimulus spending and the 3.2trillion dollar Democrat budget, they even want you to think that the radical changes that they are proposing for America are good for America.

But the government just took over GM, and the Democrats just blamed AIG executives for bonuses that Democrats approved in a closed door session and wrote those bonuses into the stimulus bill with the Obama’s administrations blessing. (see 7:34min. video)

Democrats are good for blaming others for things that they have done or are doing. Yep throwing rocks and hiding hands that’s what Democrats do.

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