Thursday, April 09, 2009

Why Obama won’t get the Genie back in the Bottle

Obama and his special friend Gordon Brown

Like being at a world wide Alcoholics Anonymous meeting President Obama stood up before the world on his recent “Presidential ‘God Damn American’ European tour” and confused, “Hi my name is Barack Obama and my country, America sucks!” Obama continued, “America has always sucked from its inception, to its founding fathers and to its constitution, it all sucks and I have come here today to apologize for America’s suckiness.

“In fact, America has sucked equally to the European and to the Arab it has sucked to the non-religious and to the Muslim and I am here today to let you know that I know that you know that we all know that America sucks!”

President Obama spent much of his time in Europe actually talking down the United States of America in the fashion which I parodied above. Gee and I thought that the representative of a country was supposed to look out for his or her country’s interests.

I thought that the President of your country is supposed to represent and present your country in the best possible light. Maybe I’m wrong or maybe America is sooooo bad that Obama was presenting America it the best light that he could.

Oh well, I guess all the other world leaders and the G20 were all wrong too because not one of them followed Obama lead and said a single negative word about their own countries. Maybe they’ll follow Obama’s lead at some future AA like meeting but they didn’t do it at this meeting of the G20 at all, not one negative word about their countries came out of this meeting from anyone but Obama. Hum that should tell Americans something.

Which leads me to my point, while the President wasn’t throwing America under the bus with his anti-America rhetoric, he was doing another diminish America type of thing, he was promising Europe, China and the Middle East that the United States would willingly disarm itself of its nuclear armament with hopes that the rest of the world would follow suit. (see story)

Okay now Obama couldn’t get just one world leader to diss his or her own country like he did. Surely America is not the only Country that has sinned. And you would think that Obama could have at least gotten British Prime Minister Gordon Brown to say something overtly negative about Great Britain because Brown was so up on Obama’s jock that Brown’s own country was highly embarrassed and worried that Brown was suffering from a case of acute Obama infatuation. (see above picture)(see story)
Mr. Obama uttered a sentence. Mr. Brown nodded. Mr. Obama paused. Mr. Brown froze, frowning. Mr. Obama made a very slight joke.

Mr. Brown gassed himself, laughing for a good 30 seconds, eyelids fluttering like the wings of a soft-flapping Cabbage White.
—Quentin Letts
Even though Brown is apparently completely taken with his American Milk Chocolate fancy even he didn’t launch into an anti-British bashing spew.

So the question is if America disarms of its nuclear capability will the rest of the world do the same? The immediate answer has to be no.

Mr. Obama is on the wrong side of this argument. Iran has already asserted its God given right to have nuclear power which is Middle Eastern speak for nuclear weapons if you didn’t know. Here, here and here

Russia and China have been supplying Iran and other third world terrorist with nuclear facilities and nuclear materials. They've been supporting third world nation's nuclear pursuits strategically. These two nations are waging proxy shadow wars against the United States and the American economy in case President Obama didn’t know.

Doesn’t President Obama know that a Genie only grants wishes because of extreme self-interest. When wishes are granted and the Genie has fulfilled the conditions of his sentence he is then released from his entrapment, he is release from the bottle. Under no uncertain terms is that Genie going back into that bottle.

Iran and other terrorist supporting nation states now have access to nuclear facilities and materials thanks to Russia and China and no matter who agrees to give up or limit their nuclear capability terrorist supporting nations and terrorist are not going to give up their new found nuclear standing in the world no matter what Barack Obama wishes.

Let’s be absolutely clear Obama has always planned to disarm America no matter who is armed. (see video)

If Obama does as he wishes and he is able to disarm America this is the scenario that I envision. Just like no other leaders dissed their nations at the G20 meeting but Obama himself I believe that Iran and other third world nations that desire and are seeking nuclear weapons will not be deterred by anything that Obama does.

This is one Genie that Obama will not get back in the bottle.

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