Tuesday, April 07, 2009

You Don’t Speak for Me, President Obama!

How dare you, Mr. President, say that the United
States is “not a Christian nation”?........... how dare
you demean the presidency of the US by bowing to
King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia?, how dare you
apologize for our “arrogance” while in a Muslim

In short, you do not speak for 85% of the
United States, and your actions only emphasize the
claims of your opponents during the presidential
campaign........... that you are unqualified for the
position that you hold, based on your total lack of

Did you somehow feel the need to suck-up to the
Europeans.......... the most overrated civilizations to
ever grace the planet? Instead of bending over
backwards, to both the European community and to
the Muslim nations, you should have stressed that it
was the United States that shed it’s treasure and blood
to rescue the bulk of the world from tyranny and
oppression. That would have been a much better
explanation of the reasons for our “arrogance” and

Your twenty years with Reverend Wright have obviously
slanted your vision of this wonderful country. The
insidious lessons were well learned, much to the delight
of our “European allies” and our Muslim adversaries.
Your friendship with generally distasteful people, such
as William Ayres, shows that you are not, and probably
never were comfortable being “American” Whether or
not the first ten years of your life, when you attended a
Muslim school, in a Muslim country, plays into that
thinking, is yet to be confirmed.

Maybe when the myriad of lawsuits working their way
through the courts, concerning your country of birth, are
finally settled, many things will come to light. In the
meantime, put aside your desire to be loved by weak
“allies”, and vicious enemies, and do what is in the best
interest of the country that elected you.

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