Friday, May 01, 2009

Pelosi and Reid suggest a Fix for what ails Republicans

Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid

In 2000 George Bush defeated Al Gore for the White House. Gore called Bush conceded the election then called back and took back his concession when advised by one of his operatives that it was quite possible to steal the election with recount methods Al Franken used to steal the Senate election in Minnesota after Minnesota’s the initial count showed that Sen. Norm Coleman won. However unlike Franken Gore failed after the U.S. Supreme Court stopped the Florida State Supreme Court from interfering.

The next morning Democrats all across the country were in the fetal position sucking on thumbs and cursing the name of Bush. The media pronounced the end of the world for Liberalism and many Liberals were on suicide watch.

On the following day of the 2004 elects after a President Bush defeat of Sen. John Kerry Liberals world wide went apoplectic with apocalyptic rantings and Conservative doomsdays scenarios.

Well I would say that Democrats and Liberals rebounded very well from all of that in 2006 and 2008 wouldn’t you say? So a lost election or two does not the end of the world make.

Then, you can image my surprise that Democrats and some Republicans have given up on the Republican Party as if Democrats weren’t in this very same position of being out of power just about eight short years ago.

You can just image my hysterical laughter at Democrats’ recent attempts to lecture Republicans on how they must abandon Conservatism and take back their Party from the dreaded Conservatives or never be the majority Party ever again. Democrats didn’t abandon Liberalism when they were out of power they only thought of this day a day that they would take back the Congress and the White House.

Does anyone really think that Republicans need advice from Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid on how to test reality? I mean, what a Bizaro world we find ourselves in when Republicans even consider a Nancy Pelosi suggestion! No thank you Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Reid we’ve seen your reality testing and if we had of listened to you al Qaeda would own Iraq and possibly would be launching strikes into the homeland right this minute.

Republicans really don’t need your advice about how to run their Party but I must say it is a real hoot to hear it. (see video)

Republicans are going through a cathartic period right now we’re exfoliating all of the dead dry Moderate and Liberal Republicans who disrespect Conservative core principles. These RINOs or Republicans in name only do not follow those core values and are the primary reason Republicans are in the fix that we find ourselves today.

Conservative Republicans invite all Republicans who think that Barack Obama is swell, and that the Republican Party should be more like Obama’s Democrat Party, to follow Alren Specter to Goosestep boot camp immediately.

It’s funny how fast people forget. For eight straight years Democrats did everything that they could to undermine a sitting President; lied on him, defamed him, humiliated him, and made his life a living hell. For eight straight years Democrats in Congress refused to work bipartisanly with Republicans and for two straight congressional terms the Congress was named the “do nothing” Congress because Democrats refused to work with George Bush and Republicans when Democrats were in the minority do any of you remember that? Apparently not suffering from Liberal Amnesia I suppose.

So you must forgive my incredulity when I hear Democrats pronounce the end of Conservatism when just eight years ago Democrats were out in the cold.

This one thing I know Republicans will not regain power by being a mini-me Democrat Party, John McCain is proof of that fact. When Liberals are faced with the choice of a Moderate or Liberal Republican as in McCain and a far left radical Liberal as Barack Obama well you see the results.

Sen. Arlen Specter’s defect to the Democrat Party is a indictment against Arlen Specter and all Moderate to Liberal Republicans not against the Republican Party. However if there is a lesson that Republicans can learn from Democrats its how to destroy a country to get the power that your Party desires one only have to look at what Democrats did over the last eight years.

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