Friday, May 22, 2009

Tell that to Democrats Mr. Obama

In what the media has described as “a major rebuke” and “a potentially serious setback” to President Barack Obama, the US Senate voted 90-6 to withhold funds the White House had requested for shutting down the Guantánamo Bay prison camp at the US military base in Cuba. [… ] Only six Democrats voted in favor of the funding. The vote followed a similar action by the US House of Representatives last week. -- Tom Eley
Question which political Party controls the White House, both houses of Congress and can do whatever they want because their political opponents do not have sufficient numbers to stop them? That’s right the Democrat Party.

So when Barack Hussein Obama spoke yesterday regarding the shutting down of Guantánamo Bay prison camp who was he speaking to? Surely he wasn’t attempting to convince Republicans because Republicans can’t stop him and his fellow Democrats from doing anything that they want to do. Democrats could pass a bill into law requiring the American people to register with the government if they attend church more than twice in one month and Republicans couldn’t stop it because Republicans don’t have the numbers in Congress to stop them.

So why was Obama justifying his executive order to close Guantánamo prison yesterday and to whom was he justifying the closure too? On January 22, just after his inauguration, Obama issued an arbitrary executive order to close the Guantánamo prison within one year without any kind of plan of what to do with the enemy combatants contained there.

To this day Mr. Obama still doesn’t have a closure plan for Guantánamo so the Democrats in the House of Representative and the Senate withheld money that Obama requested for the closure of Guantánamo. Apparently Democrats are afraid that the inexperienced Obama might release terrorists inside of the United States. (see here and here) (see 26sec. video)

You see this is a Democrat pissing contest. This has nothing to do with Republicans or the Bush administration though Obama, as he always does, attempted to blame the Bush administration. Following is an excerpt of Obama’s justification in which he responds to the fears of his fellow Democrats regarding his determination to close the terrorist detainee camp and bring terrorists to U.S. soil and allow enemy combatants of an on-going war access to ACLU attorneys and a broken legal system that allowed him, a constitutionally ineligible person, to become president of the United States of America.

If the courts couldn’t protect the constitution from a usurper to the presidency of the United States of America how are the courts going to protect the American people from ACLU lawyered up terrorist? They aren’t! (see 2:32min video)

You see this is a Democrat fight. The most Liberal Senator in the U.S. Senate and now the most Liberal president that the United States has ever had is attempting to convince Moderate to Conservative Democrats to buy his argument that the Bush administration violated the rights of enemy combatants.

However, that is not the case, because we are at war. And nowhere in the annuals of human history does a nation at war release combatants who are captured on the battlefield during the war that they are currently fighting. When a war is over is the time when prisoner release is normally negotiated. And it is absolutely unheard of for a nation to grant an enemy combatant, someone that is sworn to destroy it, the same rights as it’s citizens by granting that enemy access to that nations resources, their attorneys and their court system while they are engaged at war with the combatant. Yet that is the preposterous argument that Obama is attempting to advance but even his own Party isn’t buying it.

Mr. Obama you closed Guantánamo for all the wrong reasons. You did it to show up the Bush administration but instead you’ve shown just how you politicize everything that you do.

Even Democrats agree Mr. Obama you had no plan you just capriciously ordered Gitmo closed without considering the impact of your decision. That kind of governing makes America less safe Mr. Obama.

What President Bush did made us safe for almost eight years. What you’re doing Mr. Obama makes America less safe. I only hope we don’t pay with American lives for your politicizing!

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