Sunday, June 14, 2009

Maybe I'm Stupid.... But I Don't Get It!

Forget the fact that Obama's "stimulus plan" isn't
working, forget that he has us on the road to
bankruptsy, forget that he still blames President
Bush for "the mess we inherited". Obama is a FRAUD!
This entire financial crisis is happening on HIS
watch. He can't blame the former president anymore.

This president has no idea whatsoever, of how to save
our economy and our country. He and his entire
administration is completely inept, and is in just five
months, deeply involved in more fraud, corruption, graft
and payola, than the Bush administration had been
accused of in all of it's eight years in office.
Remember... it was the Social Democrats who promised to
clean up DC, be the most transparent administration ever,
and be bipartisan in all it's proceedings. I don't know
about you, but I have seen NONE OF THAT!

The biggest hoax by far is his proposed "Universal Health
Coverage" plan. No bigger fraud has ever been proposed
to the American public, and if we don't stop it before it
becomes law, ........... quite honestly, we deserve what
we get.

This plan would go in direct competition with the some
thirteen hundred medical insurance companies in the country.
It would be dictating and undercutting their payments,
virtually guaranteeing that they would one-by-one, be
driven out of the insurance field. Leaving the government
to do what they are least capable of..... running our
health insurance. I mean, we can all see what a marvelous
job they have done with social security, medicare, medicaid,
the mortgage industry, the banks and now the auto industry.

People........ use your heads. Protest this fiasco that
will be our final undoing.

Another very good reason to prevent this horror from
happening, aside from the fact that our health care will
deteriorate to that of a third world country, is the
employment situation. Just think of the millions who
have already lost their jobs..... on OBAMA'S watch, not
Bush's. ADD to that, the millions who will be unemployed
after the government forces all those insurance companies
out of business. Conservatively, we are talking about
thirteen hundred companies....... with say, average
employment of 600 people per company. I make that about
780,000 MORE unemployed.

Can someone explain to me, how someone who accepted the
presidency, UNDER FALSE PRETENSES, is going to "create
or save 250,000 jobs" in his first term, when he is
knocking people out of work left and right. By my
calculations......... and I am no mathematician......
we will surpass the 11% unemployment mark, by the end
of 2010.

Thank you President Obama....... do this, and you
guarantee that the Republicans will retake BOTH houses
of Congress in 2010, and regain the White House in '12.

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