Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Picture is worth 6000 words

Peshawar Pakistan’s Damaged Pearl Continental Hotel
Suicide attackers shot their way past guards and set off a massive blast Tuesday outside a luxury hotel where foreigners and well-to-do Pakistanis mixed, killing at least 11 people and wounding 70, officials said. The bombers struck the Pearl Continental Hotel at about 10 p.m., when nightlife was still in swing. The attack reduced a section of the hotel to concrete rubble and twisted steel and left a huge crater in a parking lot.-- RIAZ KHAN, Associated Press Writer
On June 4, 2009 as touted by the Pro Obama media, Barack Hussein Obama spoke 6000 words in Cairo Egypt offering the Muslim world a new beginning with the United States and the West. Obama’s tone and message suggested that this was not only a message to Muslims, but it was equally a rebuke of the Bush administration’s policy in America’s fight against Islamic Terrorist.(See source)

Six days later On June 9, Islamic extremist identified as The Taliban attacked the Pearl Continental Hotel, which is popular with foreigners, in the Pakistani city of Peshawar with guns and a truck bomb killing five people including a U.N. worker, authorities say. Officials believe that this Hotel was selected because it is popular with foreign visitors(See article) (see video)

For all of us who where speculating about the effectiveness of the Message of New Beginnings to the Islamic World we don’t have to guess anymore we have our answer. Many believe that this bombing and terrorist attack is Islam’s response to Mr. Obama’s speech.

If so , Mr. Obama may wish to rethink his policies regarding the Middle East and Islam. Apparently the Obama charm works wonderfully on Liberals, Democrats and Socialist Heads of State but not so much with radical extremist and Muslim terrorists. Mr. Obama first can apologize to the Bush administration for the disrespectful talking out of school he does when he attempts to blame the previous administration for all the problems we face in the Middle East and in our own Country.

Second Mr. Obama would do well with less identifying with Islamic terrorist states. He should also show more support for Israel and other free Democratic Nations like America for instance.

So how well was Obama’s 6000 word speech received by the Muslim world? Well that old saw seems true and appropriate in this case.

A picture is worth 6000 words!

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