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Sotomayor plays the Washington D.C. Open on Tuesday and takes a Mulligan

Like Sotomayor this ball needs a “do-over”
Mulligan:Most simply put, a "do-over." Hit a bad shot?

Take a mulligan and hit it again. Mulligans are played only when expressly agreed upon by all partners in a friendly match, and are never allowed when the official rules are being followed (i.e., in a tournament or handicap round).

Mulligans are most commonly played on the first tee, or played as one mulligan per nine holes. Mulligans are often sold at charity tournaments (as distinguished from official tournaments)
In a bid to gloss over the highly controversial racial charged comments that Mr. Obama’s nomination to the Supreme Court has made concerning White men or White male judges in particular the Democrat Party made a concerted effort on Tuesday to give Latina Judge Sonia Sotomayor another chance to say what she said in 2001 but this time say it like a Supreme Court nominee.
In 2001, Sonia Sotomayor, an appeals court judge, gave a speech declaring that the ethnicity and sex of a judge “may and will make a difference in our judging.”
In her speech, Judge Sotomayor questioned the famous notion — often invoked by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her retired Supreme Court colleague, Sandra Day O’Connor — that a wise old man and a wise old woman would reach the same conclusion when deciding cases.
--CHARLIE SAVAGE (see source)
Sotomayor refuted such a notion that day by her now infamous quote:
“I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life”—Judge Sonia Sotomayor

But 8 years later and a Supreme Court appointment in the balance Sotomayor busily visited Republican and Democrat Senators on Tuesday to assure them that she believes in following the law and wouldn't let her life experiences inappropriately influence her judging. This is called a “do-over.” Only Democrats get them. A Republican nominee would have already been pilloried by the Liberal favoring Media and would have been forced to withdraw by now.
Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor is racing through a crucial set of meetings with senators on Capitol Hill, working to reassure Republicans who worry she'd bring ethnic and gender bias to her decisions.

Sotomayor, who would be the high court's first Hispanic and third woman, is telling senators in both parties that while her background has shaped her worldview, she believes in following the law and wouldn't let her life experiences inappropriately influence her judging.

President Barack Obama's first Supreme Court choice was meeting privately Wednesday with 10 Republicans and Democrats as the leaders of the Judiciary Committee meet separately to try to cut a deal on when her confirmation hearings should begin.
-- Julie Hirschfeld(Source)
Have you ever been ticketed for rolling through a stop sign or for speeding? Well is there any chance that you said to the ticketing officer, Sir what I actually meant to do was to stop at that stop sign so if you would kindly judge me on what I intended to do I’ll just give you back this ticket and be on my way.

Or try this on the officer that just cited you for speeding, Look officer what I really meant to do is obey the posted speed limit so knowing that, I’m sure you wouldn’t mind just pretending that you didn’t just cite me and just move on to your next driver.

As ridiculous as the above two examples seem that is exactly what the Obama administration is attempting to orchestrate concerning Judge Sonia Sotomayor’s infamous statement concerning Latina superiority.

As early as last week both press secretary Robert Gibbs and president Obama stated that they felt that Sotomayor comments, that she being a Latina is wiser than a White man were poor word choices and if she had it to do it over both of them were sure that she would say it differently.

Well image that they were right! You’d think that if she had a second chance at it that she wouldn’t diss the White man, right? Well as Sotomayer made her rounds on Capitol Hill she met with several Senators who were White and she didn’t diss a single one of them. Not only that, everyone she met was glad to give her a second chance you know help her replay the round.

Look, here’s the thing, Sotomayor was allowed to bypass her statement of racial superiority over White man with a minimal correction to that idea in her 2001 speech. You see she says today that she won’t allow ethnic and gender bias to affect her decisions as a Supreme Court Justice. She also says now that she believes in following the law and wouldn't let her life experiences inappropriately influence her judging.

But what she didn’t address and what the whole point of her original statement is about, that is, her belief in Latina superiority.

In her 2001 speech Sotomayor quoted Justices Ginsberg and O’Conner speaking of male and female rendering justice in like manner, equally. Sotomayor refuted that and said that a female Latina would render justice better than a White man and it is that issue that Sotomayor did not address on Tuesday. She did not apologize for her belief nor did she take it back.

So as far as anyone can tell Sonia Sotomayor still believes that she as a Latina is superior to White man only now we have it on record that she won’t allow her superiority to inappropriately influence her judging!

Are Republican Senators so sycophantic that they didn’t catch this little game of semantics?

Here’s a thought maybe the Black man and the Latina woman are superior to the White man. If you find that thought offensive (as you should) then maybe you should do something about allowing an avowed Racist on the Supreme Court!

The bottom line is no matter how the words are said differently 8 years later we all know for years in academia and Liberal society what Sotomayor originally stated in 2001 is a Liberal social accepted truth. Sotomayor’s do-over was just to assuage the fears of sycophantic Republicans. It was meant to give them cover so they can idly stand by while Democrats place a radical Racist on the Court completely uncontested by the Party of loyal opposition.

Democrats have become the Party of unaccountability and do-overs and only a 2010 correction at the polls will change that America!

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  1. If anyone wanted "change" out of
    the Nobama regime, they are doomed
    to disapointment. While everyone is
    focused on issues of emotional
    appeal, we are having our rights
    stolen from us in secrecy.

    Sonia Sotomayer isn't the only
    judge who could do us all a favor
    by finding a new career.