Friday, July 10, 2009


The whole stimulus program has been a fraud from the start, promising millions of jobs and delivering few, and playing on Americans' fears to get the stimulus passed right away, because we simply couldn't wait. So far, only 6% of the total has been spent. The "emergency" was a sham.

This may be why 45% of taxpayers in a June 10 Rasmussen Poll said they'd halt stimulus spending now vs. just 36% who want it continued. They know it's not stimulus at all. Its waste, fraud and abuse on a grand scale — almost as if it was planned that way.
-- Investor's Business Daily
That’s what Democrats are, irresponsible. Where are the jobs? The only thing that will really recover this economy is jobs. If you remember the Obama administration and a Democrat controlled Congress rushed through a $787billion dollar pork filled emergency stimulus package while everyone (except the Democrats) knew that spending money on Democrat pet projects and expanding government was not going to stimulate the economy.

Democrats knew that the middle class needed jobs. Joe Biden even promised middle class jobs on the campaign trail. Notice Biden thinks JOBS is a three letter word! (see 19sec. video)

Four letter word J-O-B-S

But instead of doing anything to creating good middle class jobs Obama and Democrats charted and took America on an unsustainable course. (see 48sec. video)

Unsustainable course

Bush's deficit Left Obama's deficit Right

According to Newsmax, "The president and Democrats in Congress claim this spending binge is necessary to put Americans back to work," House Republican leader John Boehner said Saturday in the Republican radio and Internet address. "They promised unemployment would not rise above 8 percent if their trillion-dollar stimulus was passed.

"But our nation has lost nearly 3 million jobs this year. Unemployment has soared above 9 percent. And now the president admits that unemployment will soon reach double digits.

Democrat proposed spending in Blue Republican proposed spending in Red

"After all of this spending, after all of this borrowing from China, the Middle East, our children and our grandchildren, where are the jobs?" Boehner said. (see source)

Remember the president’s ridicule of opponents to his stimulus plan? (see 27sec. video)

So the arrogant plan of Obama and the Democrats was to spend $787billion dollars on government projects and pork for Democrats and according to Obama that was the point!
And what did Obama and Democrats spend the money on?

• A turtle crossing in northern Florida, at a cost of $3.4 million, to a guardrail near a man-made lake that no longer contains any water, with a price tag of $1.1 million.
• $1 billion for the FutureGen power project in Illinois, called the biggest earmark ever. And no one is sure it will even work.
• $800,000 to pave a runway at John Murtha Airport — dubbed the Airport for Nobody because it's rarely used.
• Money from stimulus funds for 10,000 dead people.
• A report by Deloitte Touche last week said that about $500 billion of the $787 billion in stimulus will be spent through the "traditional (government) procurement network." Using past performance as a gauge, Deloitte Touche predicted as much as $50 billion will end up being fraudulently spent — or 10% of the total. (see source)

Knowing that this economy needed jobs Obama and Democrats disregarded the middle class and they disregarded the economy and did what they wanted to do, they spent tax payer money on partisan Democrat projects. And now there’s talk about a second stimulus?

This is proof that the first rushed Obama stimulus didn’t work and proof that Democrats in the face of worst economic down turn since the great depression put their partisan politics before the well being of the United States of America.

That was totally irresponsible! And try as they may, they can’t blame Bush either!


  1. I found your blog while Googling for Orwellian concepts applicable to our current situation. The title of your blog attracted me. I am developing a web site which, in part, investigates the close similarieties between Newspeak and political correctness; the similarities of our current government and the Looters of Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged; and the differing realities of American Patriots and the neo-Marxists who are today's Looters.

    I agree with what you have to say in this post. Fraud, corruption, and stupidity are relatively common in American political history, and consequently, I fail to see an obvious connection with Orwell's utopia.

  2. Peter,
    Thank you for taking of your valuable time to comment.

    Over the years Creating Orwellian Worldview has deal with the Orwellian use of language and meaning to manipulate the populist by deception.

    More over we have attempted to explore and warn of the concerted efforts of Machiavellian deception employed by certain partisan politicans.

    Reading the post MJDWYW will give you the idea of what motives this blog. (found here)

    If you have additional question please let me know!
    Great hearing from you and good luck with your project!!!

  3. Ron Silverman11:13 AM

    Senator Coburn and the GOP have misrepresented the so-called turtle tunnels from the get go. Coburn originally portrayed this project as a 13 foot tunnel. Well, it turns out that the tunnel is 152 feet long. The project actually calls for three tunnels, representing only 6.7% of the overall budget. More importantly, 2 miles of barrier walls will be constructed on each side of a 4-lane divided highway. This highway was built by the feds through the middle of a lake - not any lake but Florida's only aquatic preserve. The Lake Jackson Ecopassage accomplishes three very important goals: (1) it protects motorists from thousands of animals moving back and forth over the highway (including 40 pound turtles and 8 foot long alligators); (2) it protects wildlife and rights the wrong that was committed many decades ago when this highway was put through a protected wetlands; and (3) it will create the equivalent of 200 construction-related jobs for a year. This is a great project and it is frustrating to hear the GOP touting this as a boondoggle.

  4. Ron,
    While what you've described seems like a notable undertaking. The question remains in the greatest economic depression since the great depression, Obama's words not mine,should we be spending tax payer's money on temporary jobs that add nothing to the permanant fix of the economy.

    Sure employing goverment hole diggers will put people to work for a year but if the jobs we create don't create wealth for the economy then all that we've done is dig ourselves a deeper hole! (pun intended)

    What do you think?

    And thanks for you comment