Sunday, July 19, 2009

Now...... Wait a Minute!!!

This ridiculous health plan from the Obama
Administration, can be shot down in just a
few minutes..... with an offer to both the
President and the Senate/House.

Can someone explain to me WHY Obama skirted
the answer to a reporter's question, as to
whether or not he would opt for the plan for
himself and his family?

The same for the illustrious members of the
Senate and House! When the question was put
to them, just several anwered with the vague
response of, "we'll see....", or some other
dumb-ass comment that has become the norm
under the now Socialist/Democrat controlled

You can bet your life on their refusals, since
they already have the world's best health plan
that OUR money can buy. Voted for them, BY
them, at our expense.

This ladies and gentlemen is the height of
arrogance and reinforces the fact that we are
now living in the Orwellian world of President
Obama and his barnyard. INDEED, all animals
are created equal, but some are more equal
than others!

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