Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Did Obama Punk this woman?

Chris Ann Cleland, real estate agent
For Cleland, it was another example -- one of many this day -- of the broken promises of a president who she thought would be different.

Obama pledged to change a Washington culture that favored corporations and the connected and instead lift families such as the one sitting next to Cleland out of their economic funk.

Rather, she said, Obama has backed billions of dollars to banks that continue to "act like they're broke" and started the country down a path that Cleland said she thinks will lead to more grief for the middle class.

"He's just not as advertised," she said. "Nothing's changed for the common guy. I feel like I've been punked."
--Sandhya Somashekhar,The Washington Post(see 1:25mins video)

Chris Ann Cleland, a real estate agent from Prince William County, Virginia discusses her disappointment with President Obama.

Chris Ann Cleland voted for Barack Hussein Obama because of his promise of hope and change but as reality catches up with the promise Ms. Cleland is forced to reconcile Obama’s words with his deeds. (see story)

According to a Gallup poll last week, about 52 percent of Americans approved of Obama's job as president, the lowest number of his tenure.

Somashekhar reports that Stephanie Slater, 44,has been disturbed by the large Wall Street bonuses that Obama doesn't seem to be able to halt and his inability to rein in credit card companies that raise rates even on those with good credit. Although she is trying to be patient, she said she is losing faith in the Democrats running Washington.

"Honestly, at this point, I have to say I'm worried. I haven't come across one person that seems to have been helped," she said. "If I don't see a spark, a light at the end of the tunnel, I may be voting Republican [for governor]."

Cleland, 39, is not so generous. Obama was supposed to help the everyman but instead he helped the banks and General Motors, she said. He was supposed to help homeowners keep their houses, but the primary federal effort in that direction, called Hope for Homeowners, has had limited success. She said she has grown uneasy as government spending has seemingly grown out of control.

How’s that hope and change working for you America? If your job has been saved by Obama’s policies or if Obama’s policies have created a private sector job for you let me know!

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