Monday, September 21, 2009

Apocalypse Now Nancy

Former Government Disrupter turned Government Fascist
They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety—Benjamin Franklin
Apparently Nancy Pelosi loves the smell of inciting racial hatred and racial fears every morning, afternoon and evening.

In one of the darkest, dank, cryptic, foreboding and apocalyptic warnings ever to be given by an elected official, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi choked out a dread warning of impeding violence which apparently will be sparked by yours and my first amendment rights to freedom of speech.

It was as mysterious as foreboding and as bizarre a warning against debate and disagreement as anyone could ever remember. It’s as if in Pelosi’s Orwellian worldview dissent against Democrat radical leftwing leadership is different than the dissent demonstrated against George W. Bush and Republicans. It’s like now Pelosi believes that dissent and debate will somehow spark some kind of violence.

Pelosi’s answer to divert the coming calamitous disaster is for everyone to voluntarily give up their first amendment rights for the safety of the country. You think that I’m exaggerating? (see 1:17min video)

What was Pelosi suggesting? Some believe that the subtext of this, a most ominous dirge, was Democrats again playing the race card. We already know that Democrats are attempting to float the idea that any opposition to President Barry Soetoro is only because he is Black. According to Pelosi’s thinking no one could be opposing Soetoro because of his radical leftist governing.

Not to mention that opposition to Soetoro could be opposition to an un-constitutional usurper who is acting out like a Fascist Megalomaniac, someone who believes that he is divinely ordained to fundamentally change the mistakes that he sees with the forming and shaping of America. The truth is there is plenty to oppose this president about none of which is because he is Black.

Democrats are the ones that have encouraged radical rhetoric and radical disrupters up until now. Democrats are the ones that have presented that type of activity as completely American and part of the American expression when Republicans were in leadership but now Democrats are in leadership and now they don’t like it. Here is Pelosi encouraging such behavior against President Bush and Republicans. (see 2:52min video)

Pelosi and Democrats for the pass eight years have been the sole instigators of caustic speech that has eaten away at the very foundations of the Democratic process and the office of the presidency. (see 7:07mins video)

Congresswoman Pelosi was quite a disrupter during the Bush administration. So much so that she was asked to apologize for inflammatory and hateful language that she used against President Bush.
"Nancy Pelosi should apologize for her irresponsible, dangerous rhetoric," DeLay, R-Texas, said. "She apparently is so caught up in partisan hatred for President Bush that her words are putting American lives at risk."

Pelosi did not back down, even when asked if her comments would undermine Bush's abilities as commander in chief.

"His activities, his decisions, the results of his actions are what undermines his leadership, not my statement," Pelosi said. "My statements are just a statement of fact."
-- Ted Barrett and Sean Loughlin, CNN
Pelosi remained defiant after calls for her to tone down her rhetoric. She stood by her characterizations of the president as being incompetent and said that the president should be blamed for U.S. troops dying. (see story)

Do Democrats think that Newton’s Third law doesn’t apply to them? Wasn’t it Rev. Jeremiah Wright who so infamously claimed that America’s chickens would come home to roost? Didn’t Democrats think that eight years of disruption of government and Bush bashing wouldn’t come back home to them?

Did Liberals not think for a second that all of the Karma that they expended to vilify George W. Bush and Republicans would not manifest itself back in the same way that it was projected at others?

Or was Pelosi warning entirely something else altogether? What you ask?

Well this is just a thought but there is a court case filed in the Santa Ana District Court, Case SACV09-00082-DOC. District Court Judge David O. Carter promises to hear the facts of the claim that Barry Soetoro is ineligible to be president of the United States of America.

If this case where actually heard and if facts where disclosed that Pelosi and Democrats plotted to place an unconstitutional person in the White House wouldn’t those events be something that might incite the cataclysmic violent reaction that Pelosi, Janet Napolitano and Democrats have been hinting at?

What else could it be? What is it that would have an elected representation issue such a grave and somber warning of impeding cataclysmic violence?

Of course we don’t know if these cases will go to trial and we don’t know what the outcomes will be, but it seems to me that Democrats are telegraphing by their warnings that there is some grave and serious cause for the American people to be very alarmed about. Something that has either transpired or is transpiring in their government.

Disturbingly, Pelosi by her warning has suggested that there is a reason that the American people should be highly upset even to the point of violence except for the fact that we don’t know it yet. However Pelosi’s warning suggest that once it is known there will be a justified cause for violence.

It’s either that or Nancy Pelosi just loves the smell of inciting racial hatred and racial fears in the morning, afternoon and evening.

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  1. With scum like Pelosi around, the people
    in this country don't need enemies.

    That crazy looking old hag needs to be
    tarred, feathered and run out on the
    broom stick that she rode in on.

    Other crazies like Reid, Boxer and Feinstein.
    also need the same treatment. In short,
    Washington needs an enema.