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No Child Left Un-indoctrinated

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[Have students]Write letters to themselves about what they can do to help the president. These would be collected and redistributed at an appropriate later date by the teacher to make students accountable to their goals.—Teaching Ambassador Fellows, U.S. Department of Education September 8, 2009
That was inartfully worded, and we corrected it—Heather Higginbottom, White House deputy policy director
No, no,no! You don’t get to reword propaganda and then repackage it as if only the words themselves were the only problem. The problem is this administration and the Democrat Party that has ignited a partisan Civil war in this country starting in 2000 when they unofficially declared war on George W. Bush and the Republican Party after losing the presidency.

Because of that lose every political act of Democrats has been domestic insurgent attacks for the advancement of their cause, which is to promote the Liberal agenda, and secure the ultimate defeat of their opposition, Conservatism. (see related story)

So let’s not pretend. Everything that Democrats are doing has an ulterior meaning and everything that they do is partisan and politically driven. Don’t give us this ridiculous and insulting narrative that all that president Barry Soetoro is going to do is encourage the little children to do good in school when we know that Democrats specialize in artfully crafted communications. Take the health care issue for instance though Democrat’s ultimate goal is a single payer plan that will eventually lead to government run public socialized medicine Soetoro said so much in the recent pass now he’s artfully wording it differently in order to get Americans to go along with him. (see 1:52min video)

Soetoro says that Nobody’s talking about a government take over of health care. No you’re not talking about it but you’re certainly plotting to slowly and incrementally enact it! And that is the reason that we must keep you away from our children. Children don’t know how to tell whether teachers, administrators or the president is lying to them for some political end.

But as adults we’ve seen the “America is bad everyone else is good” tour that President Barry Soetoro went on. We’ve seen the 700 Billion dollar bank bailouts, we’ve seen the 787 Billion dollar Democrat pork infested stimulus package which has not created any jobs or helped stimulate the economy. We’ve seen the wise Latina Racist that Soetoro nominated and Democrats confirmed to the Supreme Court. We’ve seen the tax cheats and the radical communist that Soetoro has recruited as Cabinet members and Czars, and we’ve resisted the blatant attempt to rush through a trillion dollar Health Care Reform bill that would ultimately impose a single payer system that would lead to government take over of health care.

President Soetoro’s September 8th speech tomorrow is his version of “No Child left Un-indoctrinated,” a speech that will be broadcasted across the entire United States and into our nation’s schools in an inartfully conceived act of propaganda. The speech and the lesson plan are all designed to have our children acclaim, ballyhoo and idolize Barry Soetoro.

Yes, the Barry Soetoro administration did withdrew the inartful wording as it appeared in the original draft of the Department of Education’s supplemental instructional teacher’s guide that was published nationwide. But the supplement lesson plan of the president’s speech to America’s school children remains. So that doesn’t stop the intended goal of having our children, your and my child, writing, thinking, coloring and talking about the president all year long as teaches follow up on the president’s speech all year long with the real intended message which is they are working with the president to make a better world by doing what the president wants.

How do I know that teachers will follow up with the lesson plan all year? Because there are zealots out there both teachers and administrators who will ensure that Soetoro’s message gets out and is complied with. Zealots like this Ashville N.C. teacher, Dianthia Harris, did in her classroom as she browbeat Kathy one of her McCain supporting students during election time.

Notice the little boy’s, that was sitting next to Kathy, response as little Kathy is put down time and time again by her teacher. And after this horrific propaganda session for Barry Soetoro the teacher seemed complete oblivious to what she had done to the student in a post interview she thinks that she was complete open minded and fair. (see 3min video)

This is but an example of the type of partisan poison that Barry Soetoro address will inject into our nation’s schools this year.

Now if we had a president who loved America and put America first his address to the school children of America wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing but we don’t. We have a president who hates America and has stated numerous times that his goal is to fundamentally change everything about America. Do you want your children helping the president with that goal? I don’t!

In another example of the partisan poison that Soetoro has already injected into our education process a college class was asked to write about the merits of President Soetoro like he’ll be asking grade school kids to do tomorrow, when one student did not respond positively about Soetoro she was harassed by her fellow students and subsequently was force to drop the class. Do we want this for our young children? (see 2:08min video)

The president’s “better world” incidentally is a world without the U.S. constitution as we know it, that and remaking America without the traditions that once made this country great. While our children are happy writing, reading and singing about how they need to help the president they are too na├»ve to know or understand that what is really going on is a low key recruitment into the Obama youth corps.

That said, Soetoro will be delivering a “first day of school” address September 8, 2009 to the students of this nation which is clearly meant to manipulate our young children for political purposes. We owe it to our children to protect them from partisan propaganda by not allowing them to be abused or manipulated in any form or fashion by Democrats and Soetoro.

According to the Associated Press the White House revised it’s plans last Wednesday by stating that students could write letters to themselves “how they can achieve their short-term and long-term education goals," instead of about the president. But many consider that too little too late.

We all know that all of the Soetoro down line in education has already been notified and though the official statement is “write letters to themselves” (wink, wink) we all know that Dianthia Harris teachers in the classroom will make sure that Soetoro message will get through and all dissenters will be appropriately crushed.

Never have we seen such radical rabid partisan behavior around a U.S. president following is discussion about what Soetoro's speech means to our nation and to millions of students (see 2:42mins video)

As innocuous as the president is attempting to make this speech to the nation’s school children what president Barry Soetoro is attempting to do is plant seeds of Liberal radicalism in the lives of our nation’s children.

The president’s address to the nation’s school children tomorrow is unacceptable and totally inappropriate behavior for a president and for the schools that would allow this blatant attempt to manipulate our children.

The president in affect has asked the nation’s schools to violate the public’s trust by working with him to manipulate our children.

We already know that we can’t trust this president and his administration to do the right thing for this country. Tomorrow we will know which of the nation’s school districts we can trust to protect our children from undue political influences and which ones we can’t trust to protect our children.

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  1. Asking the nations schools to help promote a
    liberal agenda should be easy for Barry, as
    many of the educators are nothing more than
    liberal stooges, anyway.