Thursday, October 08, 2009


Mayor Richard Daley,father of Chicago politics and Chicagoan president Barry Soetoro
Mayor Richard Daley and his supporters hyped the 2016 Olympic bid as Chicago's best hope for a sorely needed economic boost, a once-in-a-lifetime chance to raise the city's global profile and even a way to help keep more kids from dropping out of school.--Dan Mihalopoulos

It’s been days since president Barry Soetoro received the Olympic smack down. Plenty of time to think about this whole ugly sordid deal.

Is it just me or did our president look like an errand boy for the Mayor of Chicago?

Well think about it, who has the power to send the president of the United States of America the First Lady, all the top Soetoro advisers plus Oprah Winfrey to Copenhagen Denmark to shill for a certain U.S. City? (see story)

Come on, they took two “Air Force One” jets like, “Honey I’m working late you take your car and I’ll meet you in Copenhegen in my car. And I won’t even talk about the carbon footprint or the cost of deploying two jets to Copenhagen Denmark.

And then they took Oprah. Oprah is Ms. Chicago. Nothing says that I’m here to talk about Chicago like having Oprah Winfrey stepping off of your jet.

Make no mistake this was not, I repeat this was not an attempt to get the Olympics for the United States of America this was an attempt to secure the Olympics for the Sovereign International City of Chicago.

Mayor Daley saw this as a way to boost the economy for the city of Chicago and everyone who owed him was going to make it happen for him whether they wanted to or not. Oh you do know that it’s been reported that president Soetoro didn’t want to go but when the father of Chicago politics calls you, you board Air Force One and try to do daddy proud.

It’s not like Barry had a little free time on his hands he had to drop everything; dealing a war which he chose to send 17,000 troops into months ago, now his hand picked Generals have been requesting 40,000 more troops since April, a economy in the crapper with strong evidence that his 787Billion dollar stimulus package was a fraud, his attempts to force government run health care on the nation another fraud and his pending Global warming taxation scheme another fraud. With all of this fraud being perpetrated on the American people Barry hardly had the time to go perpetrate on the IOC too!

But when the Big daddy of Chicago says, “Boy are you coming?” You get yourself over to Copenhagen Denmark for the sales job. So it's funny to see The White House and the media attempting to legitimize this huge fiasco of failed pop star politics. (see 38sec. video)


The White House has an overt case of Richard Daley imprinting all over it. Almost like Mayor Daley is saying, “That’s my White House!” All of Obama’s top advisors are Chicagoans -- many of them Daley allies or acolytes and they are running the White House.

According to Lynn Sweet, Daley's City Hall has served as a farm team for the Obama White House. Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett comes out of Chicago City Hall; so does First Lady Michelle Obama and her chief of staff, Susan Sher, as well as Education Secretary Arne Duncan and Tina Tchen in the office of public engagement. Even Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel had a Daley appointment -- to the Chicago Housing Authority Board -- back in the day and David Axelrod was a top Daley confidante and advisor. (see story)

I’m sure George Bush had his Texas contingency but I don’t seem to remember him flying of to China on behalf of Texas cattlemen and asking China to buy more beef, or anything remotely similar to the favoritism that this president just displayed for Mayor Daley and the city of Chicago.

It seem to me that this was a defining moment for the presidency of Barry Hussein Soetoro, a moment in which he must decide whether he is an errand boy for the Mayor of Chicago or whether he is the president of the United States of America.

My thought is, one doesn’t use the presidency to do personal favors for your homies. Even if they are responsible for you being president, it just doesn’t look right. And it’s isn't right!


  1. Anonymous2:05 PM

    "Is it just me or did our president look like an errand boy for the Mayor of Chicago?"

    It's just you.

  2. Obama seems to be the errand boy for Nasty
    Pelosi, Harry Reid and every other Socialist
    nut job that thinks that they know what's
    best for us, so why not a homie that helped
    him steal the White House?.