Monday, October 19, 2009

Health Care Deform is a fight among Democrats so why are Republicans being Blamed?

The reason I tune in late to Sundaynite Football

One would think that Republicans in the Congress had something to do with Democrats plans to force the fascist rule of Universal Health Care Deform on the American people. A system in which Federal Government for the first time in its 225 year history of the United States of America would force citizens to buy into a Federal mandated system.

Keith Olbermann is a Rush Limbaugh wanna-be on the political left who is not worthy of the comparison so forgive me. Albeit, Olbermann does present quite an interesting case study in the manipulation of thought and language as Democrats and Liberals create an Orwellian Worldview in which to promote their fascist agenda of legally coercing the American people into heath care deform like sheep being driven into a corral for shearing.

While I realize that my readers usually won’t make a practice of listening to Olbermann--this Olbermann segment with Democrat New York Congressman Anthony Weiner is quite revealing in its attempt to skewer Republicans for Democrat’s inability to hold together their caucus on health care.

For instance, Olbermann begins this piece with a verbal sleight of hand in which he uses the RINO Lindsey Graham to begin his deception. According to Olbermann Graham at a townhall meeting of his Republican constituents asked the question how many U.S. Senators are there? Which they replied 100. Olbermann continues that Graham then asked how many Republican Senators where there? Graham’s constituents answered 40!

But if you listen to the voice inflictions and the phasing of Olbermann you would’ve thought that Graham’s constituents got both questions wrong. They didn’t!

That is how Liberals like Olbermann manipulate our political discourse all the time. He attempted to intimate that Republicans are ignorant Ya-hoos who are unaware of the basics of politics. In fact Graham’s constituents answered correctly and well informed on both questions. (see 8:07min video)

Ironically, after all of the side swiping at Republicans Olbermann is left with a glaring reality, Democrat have 60 votes plus two thrown away votes, RINOs Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins in the Senate and a super Democrat majority in the House of Representatives. No matter what Republican legislators want they are powerless to stop Health Care Deform. This is a Democrat fight among Democrats as you, Mr. Olbermann and Congressman Anthony Weiner pointed out if Health Care Deform is not passed it is solely Democrat’s fault.

So stop and desist attempting to blame Republicans for what Liberals and Democrats are about to do to this country.

If Health Care Deform fails to pass it will be because Democrats failed to pass it or if Health Care Deform passes and ultimately destroys the U.S. economy and Health Care system the only Party to blame will be Democrats.

In spite of Olbermann’s Orwellian speak that’s what I got out of his video, what did you get?

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