Friday, October 30, 2009

How Many ways Can Obama Blame Bush?

We are finally getting Afghan policy right after long years of drift—president Barry Hussein Soetoro
Here we go again the insistent blaming of the former president. President Barry Hussein Soetoro just can’t help himself. He has pointed the finger of blame at the previous president and the administration that preceded him more than all of the previous presidents combined have blamed a predecessor.

President Soetoro undoubtedly is a sufferer of Bush derangement syndrome. Charles Krauthammer takes president Soetoro to task for his puerile need to finger point at the Bush administration. (see 2:32 min. video)

How many ways can Obama and his administration blame former president Bush for their own inadequacies?

Here’s the contest: Every time any one of you see either the president or someone in his administration or any Democrat use any of the many creative expressions which they’ve invented to blame the economy, the war or any of the things that they refuse to take responsibility for on former President Bush please clip it and post it below in the comment section.

With great power comes great responsibility. This president should learn to be adult about taking responsibility for what his administration has wrought upon the United States of America.

President Bush didn’t blame anyone but I’m sure he didn’t think he was perfect either. Nope all of his detractors made sure that he didn’t think that he was perfect for one moment!


  1. Off topic, but isn't tonight the night for
    Nancy Pelosi and her annual broom ride?

    On topic: Any self-respecting liberal knows that it's
    easier to point fingers rather than come up with any workable ideas to fix a problem. That's the only thing that they know how to do.

  2. Though the President pledged on election night to work with the GOP, the President’s top adviser blamed Republicans for the partisan chasm that has grown in the year since.

    When I asked about the divide Jarrett said, “You should ask that question to the Republican Party."

    She refused to accept that the President should bear any responsibility for the partisan divide --George Stephanopoulos