Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Resigning Obama's Sisyphean War

Matthew P. Hoh—Photo Gerald Martineau - The Washington Post)
A former Marine Corps captain with combat experience in Iraq, Hoh had also served in uniform at the Pentagon, and as a civilian in Iraq and at the State Department.

By July, he was the senior U.S. civilian in Zabul province, a Taliban hotbed.
But last month, in a move that has sent ripples all the way to the White House, Hoh, 36, became the first U.S. official known to resign in protest over the Afghan war
—Karen DeYoung
Its 3am in the morning the red phone is ringing in the White House. The President of the United States (The Commander-in-Chief) has convened a group of advisors to advise him how to best answer the call. One wouldn’t what to pick up the call to suddenly as one might be expected to come to a decision so Mr. Soetoro is going to take some time maybe weeks or months to think about how best to answer the phone while he plays a few rounds of golf in the interim.

For those of you who warned us that president Barry Hussein Soetoro was not ready to be Commander-in-Chief you were right. Sorry we ever doubted you Vice president Biden!

While the president contemplates the esoteric meaning of war and the history of man’s injustice to man, those that he has already sent out to the battlefields are wondering if there is a purpose for them being in Afghanistan, other than taking dance lessons and picking up their fallen buddies who were killed while loitering in Zabul, Helmand and other Provinces or points in Afghanistan.

Former Marine Corps captain and senior U.S. civilian in Zabul province, Matthew P. Hoh has had enough of this administrations pointless indecision and has resigned. (see letter of resignation)
[T]his is not the European or Pacific theaters of World War II, but rather is a war for which our leaders, uniformed, civilian and elected, have inadequately prepare and resourced our men and women.

Our forces devoted and faithful have been committed to conflict in an indefinite and unplanned manner that has become a cavalier, politically expedient and Pollyannaish misadventure.

Similarly, the United States has a dedicated and talented cadre of civilians, both U.S. government employees and contractors, who believe in and sacrifice for their mission, but have been ineffectually trained and led with guidance and intent shaped more by the political climate in Washington, D.C. than in Afghan cities, villages, mountains and valleys.
—Matthew P. Hoh, Senior Civilian Representative Zabul Province Afghanistan
According to Karen DeYoung, Washington Post staff writer, when Matthew Hoh joined the Foreign Service early this year, he was exactly the kind of smart civil-military hybrid the administration was looking for to help expand its development efforts in Afghanistan. (see story)

Consequently Mr. Hoh has lost faith in the mission and in those who are supposed to be making decisions about the mission.
"I have lost understanding of and confidence in the strategic purposes of the United States' presence in Afghanistan.

I have doubts and reservations about our current strategy and planned future strategy, but my resignation is based not upon how we are pursuing this war, but why and to what end."
–Matthew P. Hoh
Mr. Soetoro, America understood that there were many things above your pay grade before you were elected president but in spite of that they gave you the job. However if you continue to function below the capacity of Commander-in-Chief at the expense of American lives we will have no choice other than to demand that someone be elected to office that can make hard decisions in a timely manner.

Mr. president while you hesitate our troops are losing hope and faith. They feel that you are asking them to roll a boulder up a hill repeatedly for all eternity.

They also feel that you and your administration sent them into war with no purpose in mind. Mr. president if you are in Afghanistan with no clearly defined goals and objectives then surely you have an exit strategy.

You DO have an exit strategy don’t you Mr. president? Hum… I suppose that Matthew Hoh is the only one with an exit strategy or any strategy for Afghanistan for that matter.

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  1. Obummer is starting to look more and more like a do-nothing President, run by a know-nothing liberal Congress.