Friday, November 20, 2009

Obama Saves or Creates Congressional Districts but no Jobs

“Over the last 15 months we’ve traveled to every corner of the United States of America. Now I’ve been in fifty…seven states?

I think one left to go. One left to go. Alaska and Hawaii. I was not allowed to go even though I really wanted to visit but my staff would not justify it.”
—Barry Hussein Soetoro
Let’s do the math. Fifty-seven plus one equals fifty-eight. Fifty-eight and two that he didn’t get to go to equals sixty. Sixty states according to Barry Hussein Soetoro. But he was voted president anyway. (see :25sec video)

You may think that a presidential candidate who thinks that there are 60 states in America is unacceptable and that may be true but what do you think of that same candidate who is now president whose administration is not certain about the number of congressional districts?

That’s what I said, the Barry Hussein Soetoro’s administration—the administration that concocted the fictitious scenario of jobs saved or created has come up with a new creation in the spirit of the fictitious 60 states of president Soetoro.

Of course there is no possible way that jobs saved or created can be quantified in anyway so what does the White House do? They spent 18 million of dollars on a website,, to do exactly that, count the uncountable. However there are some problems (see 2min video)

Not only can’t anyone in the White House do the impossible and realistically count jobs saved or created it appears that no one in the White House can realistically count congressional districts.

This appears to be a pattern with president Soetoro. 60 states instead of the actual 50 states, 15 congressional districts in Arizona when there are only 8 congressional districts. And in every state of the Union the Barry Soetoro administration made up congressional districts where there wasn’t any district simply to claim that they saved or created jobs. If it were not so pathetically incompetent it would be funny.

It’s all just made up. Jobs saved or created—made up, congressional districts—made up, the stimulus is working—made up and Global warming—made up.

You remember the little blue placard that Soetoro made up while he was the president elect that read, “Office of the president-elect”? That office was made up too! Everything about this presidency is like that, it’s all made up.

When is the last time that you saw an American flag with the face of a president replacing the stars in the star field on the flag? Never? Well one has been made with the likeness of president Barry Hussein Soetoro’s image on it replacing the 50 stars. Doesn’t that just typify this administration replacing the traditional with the nontraditional?

The bottom line is there is no possible way that the Barry Soetoro administration can count jobs saved or created because of the stimulus. Further it appears that this White House can’t keep up with the number of states in the union or how many congressional districts there are.

Sorry but I think that this White House thought that media would not report on the fact that they are making up numbers. So they though that they could get away with making up congressional districts to boot.

The trouble is jobs saved or created numbers are as phony as the districts in which those jobs were saved or created in. And they are as phony as a wooden nickel, an Obama two dollar bill and a flag of the United States of America with Obama face etched on it.

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  1. Just to think how the Libtards jump all over Sarah Palin because she had a little confusion over Iran and Iraq.

    Typical double standard Dummycrats. Obama can do no wrong.