Thursday, November 05, 2009

“Snowed in” in Maine

Maine’s Senator Olympia Snowe
"All I know is that I've been a life-long Republican, I [spent] 16 years toiling in the minority in the House of Representatives and [was part of] the effort to get us the majority in 1994 -- now were in the minority and I'm still here,"—Olympia Snowe
Of all of the ridiculously asinine statements of political ineptitude ever to be uttered by anyone holding political office Sen. Olympia Snowe of Maine thoughtlessly confessed why she and other RINO’s keep the Republican Party in the minority. (see story)

In a quip that was supposed to be in response to Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s statement, that [M]any Republicans were "mad" at Snowe for working with the Democratic majority on health care -- and suggested there might be a backlash against her is she had more "deviations" from conservative GOP orthodoxy Snowe lashed back that she is a life-long Republican and no matter what she did she is still a Senator. Meaning that her lack of fidelity to the Republican Party hasn’t harmed her yet.

Apparently RINO’s like Snowe equate taking up a Senate seat for years with success above all else. Not so with Democrats—Democrats equate getting a Liberal agenda passed, regardless of whether it’s detrimental to the country or not, as success. “Snowe RINO’s” will inevitably help Democrats do exactly that because Snowe and her fellow RINO’s don’t have the same core values that Conservative Republicans have.

Why, because typically RINO’s or moderates as they would rather cast themselves, have the same core values as Liberals. That explains why they tend to side with Liberals on crucial legislation that would steer this country into Socialism.

Republicans believe that this values confusion is unacceptable and harmful to the country as well as the Party. Further those who practice such values confusion should stop it or change their Party affiliation like Sen. Arlen Specter did.

In the following video Joe Scarborough attempted to get Gov. Pawlenty to get personal about Sen. Snowe. However in spite of that attempt the Governor remained diplomatic in this clip. Pawlenty states a Republican in Maine is better than a Democrat which is true.

My thought is if one wants a dog and all that there is—is a three legged dog then a three legged dog is better than no dog at all. (see 31sec. video)

What the Senator from Maine fails to understand that it is her “Big Tent” approach is the approach that destroyed the Republican majority and shortened Republican’s brief stint in power from 1994 until 2006.

I assert that because RINO’s or Moderates or Liberal Republicans do not accept the fundamental core values that would typically hold Republicans together these quasi-Republicans often vote against Conservative legislation and Conservative leadership which lead to the weakening of the Republican Party.

Republicans have Mavericks and Moderates yet there was nothing of the kind in the Democrat Party until 2006 when Sen. Charles Schumer actively sought out the so-called Blue Dog (Conservative) Democrats to win control of both Houses in the Senate. However such scheming doesn’t come without a cost and now Democrats are experiencing the “Big Tent” circus that occurs when mixed political philosophies are commingled. This is the only reason that Democrats can’t get their signature issues; Health Care and Climate Change passed in a Democrat controlled Congress.

With no guiding principles Moderate and Liberal Republicans often yield to and support Democrats and Democrat agenda much like so-called moderate Republican Dede Scozzafava who threw her support behind Democrat Bill Owens in the 23rd district of New York instead of supporting the Conservative Republican Doug Hoffman.

Sen. Snowe is apparently snowed into her Senate seat as long as her constituents in the state of Maine are pleased with her Liberal politics. However be assured that Sen. Snowe should not be giving anyone any advise about how to be a Senator or how to be a Republican.
"We're a states' rights approach party and we should leave it at that... I think we've got to be inclusive in the model of President Reagan... the Lee Atwater approach, the big tent, I think that's what we have to be all about.

I always think that we have to be flexible in accommodating a variety of views if we want to be a majority party in reflecting the spectrum across America."
—Olympia Snowe
Snowe’s brand of Republicanism confuses the fact that she can’t be voted out of office because she serves a Liberal constituency rather than she is doing what is right for the country. So she’s counting years in the seat rather than her actual record. Yet any sensible person of values can see that current Democrat policies are radical and unconstitutional.

Yes these policies are set in a “Big Tent” but they make all who support them and vote for them clowns!

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