Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Why Dede Scozzafava “Arlen Specter’d” Republicans

Why would a Republican Congressional candidate after dropping out of her Congressional race endorse the Democrat remaining in the race over the Republican remaining in the race? (see story)

Just as Republicans suspected Dede Scozzafava was just another Democrat RINO mole attempting to burrow her way into the National Republican Party to undermine it from within. Could it be that her decision to endorse the Democrat in the race for the 23rd Congressional District in New York is an indication of what type of Republican she is and what kind of Congressional representative she would have been? I think yes!

Arlen Specter’s ignoble defection from the Republican Party earlier this year capped a long career of poking Republicans in the eye with a stick when they needed him the most.

Dede Scozzafava didn’t get the opportunity to serve as a Republican Congresswoman in the fashion of Alren Specter but that didn’t stop her from Arlen Spectering Republicans. Alren Specter left the Republican Party and became a Democrat when it became apparent to him that the Republican voters of the state of Pennsylvania want a Republican to represent them so Specter changed Party affiliation rather than face Republican voters at the polls.

After polls showed that Ms. Scozzafava campaign was woefully behind Democrat Candidate Bill Owens and Republican Candidate Doug Hoffman she suspended her campaign citing that she was doing what was best for the Republican Party.(See 3:51min video)

Scozzafava isn’t that noble. When it became apparent that she as the GOP selected candidate wouldn’t cake walk into the Congressional seat held by Obama Republican and RINO Congressman John McHugh, who previously represented the 23rd Congressional District in New York and who the Obama administration tapped as secretary of the Army Scozzafava quit the Congressional race and endorsed the Democrat candidate over the Republican Conservative Doug Hoffman who is still left in the race.

Scozzafava’s actions confirmed that Republican suspicions about her where absolutely on point and her actions also proved that commitment to Liberal ideology is stronger than doing what is best for the country.

Ms. Scozzafava what is best for the Republican Party and this country is one in the same, we need those who believe in Conservative values to be elected to the Congress and the Senate in 2010 and 2012 so we can stop the Washington business as usual.

If we learned anything from the 2008 elections is that John McCain Republicans can’t win. Not even against a candidate that had no business being elected president.

Republicans don’t need mavericks, moderates or RINO’s we need strong Conservatives that are willing to fight for America and the American way of life. We need strong social Conservatives as well as fiscal Conservatives. Dede Scozzafava is none of that.

And what-is-more, she just proved it by endorsing a Democrat over a Republican. That act alone shows that she would have never worked to strength the Republican Party.

Finally Ms. Scozzafava's endorsement of Democrat Bill Owens is but an indication of the destruction that she could have caused the Republican Party had she been elected to office.

The Election for the 23rd Congressional district of New York is today Republicans go out and vote to save this Country one Congressional district at a time!

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