Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Copenhagen’s Circular Argument

In the high-stakes game of chicken the Obama White House has been playing with Congress over who will regulate the earth's climate, the president's team just motored into a ditch.—KIMBERLEY A. STRASSEL
Who will regulate the Earth’s Climate ?

Call me a traditionalist but my first thought would be God…but silly me, somehow I continue to forget that the Barry Hussein Soetoro’s EPA, the EU and the UN have assumed any and all authority over the Earth’s environment—authority that God might have had. I guess each of these organizations have a little god in them because they claim that they have the power to regulate the Earth’s Climate at least that’s what they are attempting to agree to in Copenhagen. Or are they? (see story)

In Copenhagen the powers of the world are attempting to put in place means to restructure government as we have known it. Oh, yes I am aware that focus in Copenhagen is supposed to be about weather, but actually, what’s really going on in Copenhagen has very little to do with the weather.

No, the topic of Climate Change is misdirection, a bait and switch if you will. Its intended purpose is to have you thinking “save the planet” when what is actually going on is the enslaving of the people of the planet.

Through the guise of Climate Change the leaders of the world intent to take government from local and national and make government centralized and global. And all of this starts with getting you and me to fund their efforts. You and I are expected to comply with whatever agreement world leaders make in Copenhagen. Just how we are expected to comply? We are expected to pay for it through taxes.

Of course world leaders only lack a little thing for complete world domination over the world’s populace and that is your heart and your mind, again your compliance. You see if you could be convinced that what they are doing is on your behalf and is for your good—the greater good, then you will allow them to sign treaties in your name committing you to funding your own enslavement. That translates into global taxation without representation. It’s a wonderful dastardly plan don’t you think? But it sounds kind of conspiratorial doesn’t it, and who would believe such a story?
Yet these problems can be overcome by a joint effort between our countries. 2009 is also the first year of Global Governess with the establishment of the G20 in the middle of the financial crisis.

The climate conference in Copenhagen is another step toward the global management of our planet. Our mission—our presidency is one of hope supported by acts and by deeds.
—European Union President Herman Van Rompuy (previous post)
Newly appointed president Herman Van Rompuy of the European Union believes such a story! He has so much as openly admitted that the purpose of the Copenhagen is a step toward global management of the planet. That plan requires money and where do you think that money is going to come from? Taxation!

Global institutions such as the European Union or the United Nations do not have the right to tax sovereign nations. To attempt to force taxes on sovereign nations would make the EU and the UN 21st Century Environmental Despots.

The only way that these international bodies could exact taxes from a sovereign nation is if a leader of any sovereign nation signed a treaty giving the EU or the UN authority to tax their country. Barry Hussein Soetoro has already signaled that he is ready to do this.

You remember that was unjust taxation that spurred the thirteen colonies, in the brave new world, to revolt. Unjust taxation gave the colonies the motivation to throw off the tyranny of England ’s King George.

Nasty King George wanted to tax tea and everyone knows that tea was essential to the sensibilities of the good European settlers of the new world. And what do the 21st Century Environmental Despots wish to tax, nothing less than the essential air that you breathe or exhale.

That’s right a world tax on air! Billions upon trillions of dollars based on CO2 emissions that all live carbon based life forms either emit or consume. Animals emit CO2 and plants consume CO2—it’s the circle of life. CO2 is not a pollutant and CO2 is not detrimental to the environment.

Yet the president Soetoro’s EPA has wrongly concluded that a fundamental element of life for this planet is contradictorily a deadly threat to life on this planet. It’s the circle of the ridiculous!

Yet based on this ridiculous notion Barry Hussein Soetoro and other citizens of the world are in Copenhagen attempting to agree to put in place this sinister cap and trade tax on developed and undeveloped nations. And that would be a tax which will once again place all earthly power in the hands of the descendants of King George. And that would be the circle of tyranny!

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  1. Yep, taxes on top of the fact that most major holdings in this country are foreign owned by groups such as Barclays of London. The tyrants never left after the Revolutionary War, they just got smarter.