Monday, December 07, 2009

Democrat Big Tent on Healthcare a Big Three Ring Circus

Congresswoman you know I have heard Democrats now saying that these four Moderates, these holdouts, Congresswoman Wasserman-Schultz, these hold outs are the tail driving the Donkey here[…]

How are you going to reconcile all of these seemingly irreconcilable positions to get a bill even that you can, you know, you can bring to a vote
—Geraldo Rivera
They’ve got 59 votes plus 1 Independent and 1 RINO, that’s 61 votes, but they still can’t past their signature bill, Universal Health Care Reform. Let this be a lesson for all of you who continue the insane meme that Republicans need a big tent. Big tents don’t work; they never have in the truest sense.

Geraldo Rivera states the big tent conundrum. How do you reconcile all the irreconcilable positions of the big tent?

Democrats won the 2006 and 2008 elections by running “Conservative Democrats” otherwise known as Blue Dog Democrats and now as a result their caucus is a virtual battleground of political ideological cagefighting. (see 5:10min video)

Attempting to make their big tent work Democrats have had to exhort a 300 million dollar Health Care vote from Sen. Mary Landrieu otherwise known as the second Louisiana purchase. They have had to arm twist and cajole their own Party members to get them in line in spite of their irreconcilable differences over abortion and the government private option.
Obama and Reid must unite liberals and moderates in the 60-member caucus, even as moderates balk over abortion and a proposal for the government to sell health insurance in competition with the private market.—Washington (AP)
Things are deteriorating in the Democrat big tent at such an alarming rate that they have had to call in their Nobel Peace awarded Icon to make peace under the big tent. No doubt that he will stress the historic importance of the big picture of Democrat unity in spite of the losses that they are sure to incur when Democrats use their Fascist force to impose Universal Care on an American populist that has resoundedly said that they do not want their government to run one-sixth of the economy through government takeover of health care. (see story)

Notwithstanding, what is continuing to be a huge disappointment is how the Liberal Elite Media attempts to keep up the intellectually deceptive narrative that this is a Republican verses Democrat battle.
Sixty is the precise number needed to overcome Republican stalling tactics in the 100-member Senate, so Reid doesn't have a vote to spare.—Washington (AP)
Com’ on Man! There is absolutely nothing that Republicans can do to stop Democrats from passing health care. This is strictly a Democrat against Democrat inside fight which is a result of the Democrat big tent. If health care is defeated or if it passes this year it will be solely the responsibility of Democrats alone so stop the bull! The fight is within the super majority filibuster proof 60 to 61 numbers that Democrats control not the 40 Republicans in the minority.

Will president Barry Hussein Soetoro and Democrats double down by demanding that Democrats goosestep into infamy by fundamentally changing the health care industry against the wishes a majority of the American people?

If Democrats can get their political Clowns, high wire Aerialist and Animal handler acts coordinated in the Senate’s three ring health care circus under the Democrat big tent, they will pass health care reform and they will be solely responsible for doing so. But should they fail to pass health care reform, again the fault will be solely their own.

Full liability is the responsibility Democrats assumed when they convinced the America people to give them super majorities in both houses of Congress and put them in charge of all three branches of Government. In addition the reigning confusion which Democrats are experiencing was concocted when Democrats forsook their Liberal values recruited Conservative Democrats in order to gain their majority numbers in Congress.

Whether health care passes or not, the Democrat Party will continue to be in a state of confliction due to the corrupting of ideology for artificial political advantage. Republican should be well aware of this phenomenon because it was big tent politics that gave Republicans a Compassionate Conservative, a Maverick and the RINO things from Maine. All of which combined to ultimately result in a failed political Party!

RNC Chairman Michael Steele's idea for a 10-point Republican values test received some push back by pundits. I would check to see if these critics had the Republican Party's best interest at heart before I would completely scrap the idea if I were Mr. Steele. I see no better time for some values clarification then now when various nefarious agenda driven groups have attempted to weaken the Republican Party with their own agenda driven politics, the Log Cabin Republicans being just one such group. Having a set of values defined can do nothing but strengthen the Party.

At any rate, let the trouble that Democrats are experiencing be a lesson for all of those calling for Big tent politics within the Republican Party. Republicans are in the minority because of the big tent and ultimately Democrats will be too!

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  1. The Democrites (hypocrites) are a bunch of clowns,
    but their agenda that includes health care and the
    Cap and Trade con game aren't funny.